5 Reasons Why Bugs Aren’t Just Creepy Crawlers

by Elsie Langley | Oct 1, 2023 | 0 comments

A lot of people think that bugs are nothing but a nuisance and are unimportant. I did so myself. But then I began to think about all the things bugs do. Here are five reasons why bugs are important.

  1. If it weren’t for bugs such as bees, butterflies, and some types of flies, we couldn’t enjoy the wonderful flowers that give our homes a bit of color and life.
  2. Many types of bugs provide food for birds, frogs, and fish. If there were no insects, then the cardinals, mockingbirds, and so many others couldn’t feed their hatchlings soft-bodied caterpillars.
  3. If it weren’t for flies, there would be more stinky trash and animal manure everywhere.
  4. Without bugs, we wouldn’t enjoy fresh vegetables or fruits like strawberries, apples, or watermelon. What about peas or pumpkins?
  5. Bugs are so fascinating—the majestic praying mantis and its incredible ability to hunt; the unbelievable butterfly, to be able to transform from a poky caterpillar to a glorious butterfly free from its “prison” in the chrysalis; the golden dragonfly with wings like glass; the shiny green beetle and the spotted ladybug; or the incredibly strong ant.

I definitely think there is more to bugs than meets the eye. I like bugs! Do you?

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