A 16″ Binocular

by Kevin Shank | Nov 23, 2021 | 0 comments

Did you read Morris Yoder’s article, “Two Are Better Than One?” Well, take a look at this.

Brandon Martin’s introduction to astronomy first involved using a spotting scope. It didn’t take long to see that the small aperture was best suited for daytime use.

His next jump landed him beside a sixteen-inch Dobsonian telescope. The light-gathering ability jumped from 8 square inches to 200 square inches.

But Brandon was young and energetic. Before long he took another leap. At age 23, he started talking to me about parts for building a whopping 16” binoscope! That is 400 square inches of light!

And then the real surprise—one day Brandon called for more parts—to build a second one!

Initially he had purchased enough of some of the materials for two scopes. He enjoyed building the scope enough he decided to build a second one to sell.

For the second scope, Brandon upgraded some features to take this scope to a still higher level. I am going to let photos and captions tell the rest of the story.

This binoscope is for sale. Serious inquiries are invited to call me for details. Kevin 1-540-947-1636.

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