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by | Aug 20, 2021 | 0 comments

A kite’s call sounded overhead. My family and I were walking in our neighborhood in early summer, near a tall old pine. I felt a rush of wind, and something tugged at my braid. I looked up to see a Mississippi Kite climbing back into the sky, where a second wheeled.

The second plunged, snagging my father’s hat, and lifted it off his head a little before dropping it. The first attacked my mother; then the second swooped toward my face, his amber eyes fierce, claws outstretched, pulling up just before he touched me.

We hurried past, and the dive-bombing birds soon stopped their attack, satisfied to watch from a dead cottonwood. Looking back, I saw a platform of sticks in the pine. The birds had been guarding their nest! I shall always remember that summer day and the attack of the kites.

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A monarch chrysalis is first emerald green. As it matures, it becomes transparent. Once the butterfly emerges, fluid is pumped from the abdomen into the wings. Over the next several hours the wings harden.