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My Chosen SpotExpired

Do you remember last year’s Water Workshop contest? We want this one to be similar to that one, but this time your chosen spot can, but might not, include water. (Examples: Field, forest, pond, park, yard, garden, bird nest, etc.) Enjoy your spot as many times as you wish for one week. Then prepare a […]
Jul 01 2023 - Oct 15 2023

Building a Bird FeederExpired

Build a bird feeder, and write clear instructions for a “Learning By Doing” lesson so others can make the same feeder you did. If possible, photograph the steps, or otherwise illustrate the steps with drawings. Be neat. At the minimum, photograph the finished project, find someone to photograph it for you, or send the project […]
Jul 01 2023 - Dec 30 2023

Flower Bed ContestExpired

Dear Nature Friend,I just got the idea that you should have a flower garden contest this spring and summer. I know you’ve done flower planter contests, but I didn’t think you’ve ever done flower garden ones. I’m sure lots of us flower lovers would do it. Thanks! Estella See, Gleason, WI Dear Estella,Actually, we ran […]
Apr 01 2023 - Oct 31 2023

“I Like Bugs” EventExpired

We want your stories, puzzles, or Learning by Doing lesson about insects or arachnids. Could be sugaring or black-lighting for moths, visiting flower gardens, microscopic pursuits of insects, rearing caterpillars, etc. Can include your art and photos. Use your creativity. Enjoy. Email submissions to ILikeBugs at naturefriendmagazine dot com.or mail toI Like Bugs Event4253 Woodcock […]
Aug 19 2022 - Jul 31 2023
8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Wildflower Art ContestExpired

Choose a wildflower and media, but be forewarned—color sells. It is really hard to beat color. And be creative. We encourage you to make your flower fun to view. Consider the setting—should it be a simple portrait of the blossom, or should it have a critter? Should it be by itself or in a clump? […]
Aug 01 2022 - Jan 31 2023

Spring Migration Bird Contest (Story and Photography)Expired

The spring bird migration is underway. Birders know the delight in a fallout of warbler s in their brightly-colored breeding plumage flitting here and there, looking for insects among the newly-emerging leaf canopy of the forest. And to all you non-birders, well, you should experience this delight sometime too. Not too many years ago, I […]
Feb 23 2022 - May 28 2022

Nature Pairs Photography ChallengeExpired

I’d like to see a unique memory game compiled—sets of related pairs instead of identical pairs. I envision creativity combined with excellent photography to provide an exciting and educational dimension to a Nature Pairs Memory Game. By pairs, I mean two pictures that are related, such as a male cardinal and a female cardinal. Or, […]
Feb 01 2022 - Oct 31 2022

Water WorkshopExpired

Some like flowers, some like trees,Some like beetles, some like bees,Some like birds, some like bugs,Some like animals, but none like slugs. So here are the rules. Choose a body of water—it can be a lake, a pond, a stream, a swamp—and write a fun story about your observations for a week. Whether it is […]
Feb 01 2022 - May 31 2022

Nature Night EventExpired

How about going outside after dark and enjoying the night sky, the night sounds, and time with friends? You could see how many constellations you can identify. Or watch for meteors! Count the cricket chirps and estimate the temperature. Listen to the coyotes yipping. Perhaps you will hear the chirps of migrating songbirds flying overhead […]
Sep 01 2021 - Dec 31 2021

Wild Bird Art ContestExpired

When: Now to January 31, 2022. Who: Subscribers to Nature Friend. Three groups: 12-down, 13-17, 18-up Rules1. Choose the bird species, and place it in a habitat, or engaged in an activity. Give this your best shot.2. Choose the medium.3. 8” x 10” minimum size.4. Submit originals, or digital files at 300 d.p.i.5. Label with […]
Sep 01 2021 - Jan 31 2022
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