End of the Trail, July 2024: Northern Lights

by Kevin Shank | Jul 1, 2024 | 0 comments

northern lights aurora borealis
Northern lights. Photo © Shawn Martin.
northern lights aurora borealis
Northern lights. Photo © Shawn Martin.

On May 11, 2024, our family gathered outdoors as the sun disappeared out of view. We had been noticing the rare peak in solar activity the past few days, and now we didn’t want to miss our chances to see the northern lights!

Slowly but surely, dusk settled over the land. We squinted and peered, but all to no avail. We waited some more, almost impatiently. Would we get to see what we anticipated, or would the sky remain dark other than the twinkling stars? Low on the horizon, there was a faint glow, but that came from a distant city—or did it?

Looking straight above, someone gave a little yelp. The reddish tint was so vague. One needed to squint to
see it, but yes, surely that was what we were waiting for!

Over the next two hours, we watched the overhead show as it intensified, then waned. At times there was little to see. Then, without warning, random flashes of light would streak hundreds of miles in a short second. We stared in awe as we soaked in the rare phenomenon.

As the hour grew late, we knew it was time to retire for the night, but would it be worth missing out on what might yet come? Finally, our weary bodies gave in, and we crawled into bed. But etched deep in our minds, the experience lives on. That night went down in history as one of those times when God’s creation left a lasting impact on countless lives. —Shawn Martin

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