Nature Night Event

How about going outside after dark and enjoying the night sky, the night sounds, and time with friends? You could see how many constellations you can identify. Or watch for meteors! Count the cricket chirps and estimate the temperature. Listen to the coyotes yipping. Perhaps you will hear the chirps of migrating songbirds flying overhead in the dark.

In the morning, artfully write about your excursion for more of us to enjoy.

Viewing the night sky with a telescope from Spruce Knob, West Virginia. Photo © Darren Shank.

We’ll give you through the Geminid meteor shower December 13-14, 2021, to do this project. Please send your story by the end of the year.

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Nature Night, Nature Friend
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We are giving some awards. One child (8-12) will be chosen for this telescope kit.

As Darren photographed the Milky Way in the southern sky, that night we visited Spruce Knob, he turned around and noticed beams of light shooting upward into the Northern Sky. He quickly spun the camera to the north and captured this shot of Northern Lights. For a story of this night, and an example of how your Nature Night story might read, see the story in Shaphan’s book, “A seasonal guide to EXPLORING OUR SKIES with a telescope or binocular.”

To order a copy of Exploring Our Skies, click this link.

Nature Night

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    Sep 01 2021 - Dec 31 2021