Nature Pairs Photography Challenge

I’d like to see a unique memory game compiled—sets of related pairs instead of identical pairs. I envision creativity combined with excellent photography to provide an exciting and educational dimension to a Nature Pairs Memory Game.

By pairs, I mean two pictures that are related, such as a male cardinal and a female cardinal. Or, perhaps a robin, and her nest full of blue eggs. Tree lovers might show a portrait of white oak leaves and another of white oak acorns. Or, it could be a tree flower and then the tree’s fruit.

Use your creativity to “invent” fun nature pairs. Photograph them using good photography techniques such as sharp focus, bright lighting, and uncluttered backgrounds.

Carefully caption each pair you submit so we can quickly follow your thoughts concerning why the two are a pair.

The game cards will have a letter/number code that makes the set easy to identify.

We have been collecting your photos of nature pairs for consideration for an upcoming Memory Game. We have encouraged you to use your creativity to create pairs, such as male/female bird or animal, parent/young bird or animal, buds and blooms, etc. We expected this to be a memory game with pairs making up the sets rather than matching cards making up the sets. But then….

We now expect to make a game, actually several games, and give them a new twist. Instead of two related photos making pairs, we welcome three or four related photos. Everything submitted so far will still be considered—not all photos for a set must come from the same photographer. But you are invited to add to your submissions if you like.
We plan to have one topic per game, and call the games Nature Friend ___________ Challenge.

We invite you to keep your submissions coming.

The grand prize winner will have their choice of either a $150 gift certificate to Dogwood Ridge Outdoors, or a $100 gift certificate to a camera store. There will be a few other awards as well.

Everyone whose work is chosen for a game will receive a game, assuming you included your address with your submission. For those who do not include an address with the submission, well, we don’t make any promises.

Who may participate: Families who are active subscribers.
Deadline: October 31, 2022
How to submit:
Label: Name, address, subscriber number.
Caption: Identify subjects and identify pairs.
Digital: Send high resolution digital files.
Mail: Nature Pairs Photography
Nature Friend
4253 Woodcock Lane
Dayton VA 22821
Email: NaturePairs at naturefriendmagazine dot com.
(High resolution jpeg attachments.)

Remember to always accurately label every submission. To correct a mistake, resubmit whole submission and add the required information. Accurate labeling is important for both mailed and e-mailed submissions.

For mailed submission, sandwich digital media between cardboard. A flash drive alone in an envelope will likely be ripped out during mail sorting in the mail stream.

To jump-start your creative juices, following are what some pairs could look like:

Nature Pairs Photography Challenge

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Clearly identify subjects and identify pairs.
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    Please submit high resolution jpeg files.


    Feb 01 2022 - Oct 31 2022