Wildflower “Learning By Doing” Contest

Write your own “Learning By Doing” story! Families of active subscribers may participate. Choose a day or three and do a wildflower hike. Identify what you find. Write an interesting “Learning By Doing” story, and submit your story by June 15, 2021.

Contest Details

Who may participate: Families who are active Nature Friend subscribers.

When: Choose a day or three and do a wildflower hike with your family or friends.

On your hike: Find wildflowers. Identify ones you do not know. (I just learned today that trillium is not a new species for me, rather a diseased plant that will die within a few years.) Note the habitat where you found your flowers. Jot down anything special that occurred on your hike even if it was not a wildflower. Maybe you saw a colorful insect on a flower. Take photos if you have a camera and care to. Sketch or paint illustrations if you wish.

After your hike: Write a “Learning By Doing” story of your day. Make the story interesting with creative descriptions of your adventure. We are not just looking for a list of names in diary fashion. We want to know George slipped in the creek, or a spider startled Susie. Teach us what you learned from your experience. Remember to take a flower guide with you if you have one. (You have an excellent example of our goals for this contest in the “Learning By Doing” of the April 2021 issue.)

Deadline: Send your story to us by June 15, 2021.

Submissions should include: Name(s) of all who contributed to the story (beyond normal editing help), address, and subscriber renewal code.

Mail to: Wildflower Contest, Nature Friend, 4253 Woodcock Lane, Dayton, VA 22821.

You may also enter the contest by filling out the form below.

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Apr 26 2021 - Jun 15 2021