Exploring Nature, December 2021

by Kevin Shank | Dec 9, 2021 | 0 comments

  • December through March is an especially good time to watch for Northern lights.
  • Christmas Bird Counts are occurring this month.
  • Make bird treats, and maintain feeding stations.
  • Plan for and provide birds with a heated water supply, if you live in freezing climates.
  • After sledding, you might enjoy orange slushies instead of hot chocolate. Here is the recipe. To 12 oz frozen orange juice concentrate, add:
    2 c water
    2 c milk
    ½ c sugar
    1 T vanilla
    Fresh snow

Mix together everything except snow. Put fresh snow into glasses, and add orange mixture until the right consistency. If you live where it doesn’t snow, you can use crushed ice instead of snow.

  • In Malawi, it is time to make mango jam.
Birds on seed wreath
Photo © Kevin Shank.

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