Exploring Nature, Spring

by Kevin Shank | Mar 30, 2021 | 0 comments

Photo © Kevin Shank
  • Skunk cabbage is in bloom late winter and early spring.
  • Woodcocks begin doing their courtship displays.
  • Mid-to-late March grizzlies come out of hibernation.
  • 400,000-600,000 Sandhill Cranes visit Platte River valley in Nebraska. You can visit too.
  • Sharp-tailed Grouse are displaying on leks.
  • Snow trilliums bloom from mid-March to early April.
  • Some people are making maple syrup in United States and Canada.
  • Where we live in Virginia, evenings in March are a good time to search for spring peepers. Look around water where they are laying eggs.
  • Look for shed antlers.
  • Watch the grunion run at night in Southern California. They lay eggs on sandy beaches at night, after high tide, and full and new moon.
  • Herons and other birds come to eat them on the beach at night. Late March to early June.
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