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Exploring Nature, November 2021

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Monarch butterfly migration photo © Javarman/

Saw-whet Owls are being banded during migration.
Harvest season for ginseng runs through December 31. Obey local laws.
Bobwhite Quail live in coveys from autumn to spring. They make a covey call.
Bears are gorging on food in preparation for winter torpor. They are not true hibernators.
Yesterday the Virginia DWR alerted hunters that there is a mange problem prevalent in the bear population this year. If a bear with mange is harvested, do not touch the bear. Mange is highly contagious to people.
Hawk watch sites are counting migrating hawks.
Mid-November monarch butterflies begin arriving in Mexico for the winter. The ones arriving are four to five generations from their ancestors that wintered in Mexico last year.

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A monarch chrysalis is first emerald green. As it matures, it becomes transparent. Once the butterfly emerges, fluid is pumped from the abdomen into the wings. Over the next several hours the wings harden.