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Exploring Nature, Summer

by | Jul 27, 2021 | 0 comments

  • Children in Iceland rescue young puffins at night that are attracted to town lights, and release them at coast in the morning.
  • Watch for noctilucent clouds through August.
  • Salmon are running in Alaska through September.
  • Sugar for moths. Warm, muggy nights are great. We added yeast to spoiled fruit plus lots of sugar (brown or white) and maybe honey, molasses, or syrup. Paint trees, posts, and stumps where staining does not matter. We used a lantern to check every 30-60 minutes.
  • Blacklight for moths.
  • Plant fall food plots.
  • Hunt leatherback mushrooms.
  • Look at mushroom spores under a microscope.
  • Raise monarch butterflies.
  • Copperheads are giving live birth to young.
  • Watch for hummingbird moths to visit petunias.
Exploring Nature, Summer
Hummingbird moth at petunia. Photo © Darren Shank.

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A monarch chrysalis is first emerald green. As it matures, it becomes transparent. Once the butterfly emerges, fluid is pumped from the abdomen into the wings. Over the next several hours the wings harden.