Photo © Kevin Shank.

  • The Great Migration of Wildebeests are at the banks of the Grumeti River. Here they pass through crocodile-infested water.
  • Black-light for moths.
  • Sugar for moths. Add yeast to spoiled fruit and set in the sun for several hours. Mix in lots of brown or white sugar, and maybe honey, molasses, or syrup. Paint trees/posts where a stained look doesn’t matter. Check every thirty minutes.
  • Pick berries for pies, jellies, and jams.
  • Look for foxfire—bioluminescent fungi in decaying wood around water.
  • Hunt for singing katydids. Finding one may be harder than you may think.
  • Hunt leatherback mushrooms.
  • Salmon run in Alaska until September.
  • Disk or spray fall food plots so weeds can die down before planting in August.
CC by SA-4.0. Photo by Jan Fleischmann