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Focus Illustrated… July 2021

by | Jun 18, 2021 | 0 comments

Gray Squirrel
Gray Squirrel

This photo was submitted as a Favorite Focus. The editor turned it into an example of the February Photo Focus, by using Sharpen AI software to sharpen the photo. Photo © Ryan Fox, Shiloh, OH.

Eastern Bluebird
Eastern Bluebird

This photo illustrates the April 2021 Photo Focus teaching in-flight bird photography. Photo © Steven Smith.

Water drop refraction
Water Drop Refraction in Front of Great White Trillium

This photo was taken several days before the June 2021 magazine was received, but it illustrates a creative way to do water droplet refraction as was taught in that Photo Focus. Photo © Lily Hess, Edgar, WI.

Lake refracted in droplet
Lake Refracted

As I prepared the June Photo Focus, I also took advantage of a clear day to try the techniques taught. I used a weed on the dam to hold several drops of glycerin. I then flipped the photo 180° so the refracted view would appear upright. Photo © Kevin Shank.

Golden-backed Snipe Fly
Golden-backed Snipe Fly

This photo beautifully illustrates the July 2019 “Beyond Macro” photography lesson. Photo © Steven Smith.

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