From the Editor’s Quill, January 2022: Starlink Satellites

by Kevin Shank | Dec 31, 2021 | 0 comments

Starlink satellites
Starlink satellites.

“Look up there! That is those satellites!” I exclaimed to Cheryl. “Get the phone on video and get on them as fast as you can!”

We were returning home from a long day in the forest, when I looked up from my driving and noticed the Starlink satellites coming toward us high overhead. I have heard of them, and some of you readers have seen them and called to ask if I knew what you saw, but this was the first I had seen them.

I pulled into the parking lot of Weaver’s, a church nearby. People were there, so I scurried to a far corner of the lot, bailed out with Cheryl, and looked up just in time to watch the train of satellites fade into the Earth’s shadow.

I wondered if the people at the church would wonder what we were up to, but didn’t give it a lot of thought. Sunday evening I learned from a friend that his daughter’s wedding was at Weaver’s the next day (after the satellites), and they were at the church preparing for it. Someone had given them a heads up, so they were outside watching the satellites too.

A novelty tonight, perhaps, but these trains of satellites are an increasing “eye-sore” to star-gazers and astrophotographers.

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