From the Editor’s Quill, March 2022: Contests

by Kevin Shank | Mar 1, 2022 | 0 comments

This was a fun issue to compile. To begin with, content came from an assortment of activities that you readers participated in. They included Birding With Friends, Nature Night, Creative Writing Contest, and a “Learning by Doing” going back to a Flower Planter contest entry.

And there is something else fun I can tell you. Today, as I write this, we are on the last day of the Wild Bird Art Contest. We have some super excellent entries we will be sharing with you readers in upcoming issues.

From the participation we are seeing, I think we have found some winning activity ideas. I anticipate that more activities similar to what we have just had will appear in the future.

Thank you to each who has participated in some/all of these contests and activities. We enjoy seeing your work very much. Some winning entries will be showing up in upcoming issues. We cannot get all of them into any one issue.
Aren’t you glad spring is just around the corner?

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