God’s Love

by Esther Mae Kauffman | Oct 16, 2021 | 0 comments

On a Sunday morning in July as I was washing dishes, I kept my eyes on the activity at the bird feeders outside our window. Nothing special, just the usual brown birds—finches and sparrows. Yes, there were some house finches and colorful purple finches, and I have learned that even some sparrows are somewhat pretty. “But, Lord,” I prayed silently, “could You send something bright and colorful?”

My son told a friend years ago, “Mom is always looking for some rare bird!” I do read in Nature Friend magazine of the rare and colorful birds that others see; maybe I am a little jealous! The binoculars are beside my window so I can get a better and closer look and see the colors.

As I was making breakfast Monday, my husband, looking out the window, exclaimed, “There’s a parrot!”

Whatever! A parrot! I was astounded. “Where did he come from?”

Were we ever excited! After taking several pictures, we checked our bird books and identified it as a Rosy-faced Lovebird. There are flocks of them in California, Arizona, and Texas, so we reasoned that maybe this one wandered farther north than he should have, or did God send him on a mission? He really did brighten our days and feeders!

As I was thanking the Lord for sending such a beautiful bird, He reminded me that I asked for it! Then it hit me that I had asked for a bright, colorful bird. What a great God we serve! He cares about the little things in our lives. I was humbled to think He answered my prayer, even if it was a little selfish.

It reminded me again how God cares for us and wants us to enjoy the beauties of His creation, which are all around us. He didn’t send just a bird; He sent me a lovebird, one of the most colorful birds, and a rare one for northern New Mexico!

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