How to Build a Rustic Cottage Flower Planter

by Kayleen and Rachelle Plank | Mar 3, 2022 | 0 comments

Build a simple 24” x 36” x 8” box with a bottom, using sturdy old fence boards.

Now you are ready to construct the cottage front. Cut five weathered barn boards to make a cottage front. The finished width should be approximately 34”. The height should be 42” from the peak to the floor level. The roof slope should be 45°.

Cut 2 trim boards 31” long. Cut both ends of each board at a 45° angle. Fasten the trim boards to the roof. Next cut two more boards 22½ inches long for the trim boards along the sides of the house. Then fasten cottage front securely inside the box.

Now we are ready to do the decorating. For the door, we cut a rectangle with a rounded top. The door should be approximately 7½ inches wide and 10 inches long. Cut two 5” squares for the windows and 1 smaller square for a little attic window. Then paint the doors and windows a color of your choice. For a rustic touch, we then sanded the door and windows, especially on the corners, to “weather” them. For a doorknob, we used a wooden heart.

We added yard decorations with a sign and a path, though the path was hidden by the alyssum.

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