How to Make a Porch Light Birdhouse

by Jonas Esh | Jan 10, 2022 | 0 comments

House Wren in tree
House Wren. Photo © Kevin Shank.
  1. Find a wall-mount porch light.
  2. Take the top off.
  3. If the wiring is still in the light, tear the wiring out.
  4. Take the panes of glass out.
  5. Spray the panes of glass with spray paint. Any color will do. I used gold for mine.
  6. Find a piece of plywood big enough to replace a pane of glass.
  7. Cut the plywood to the dimensions of the glass it is replacing.
  8. Cut an entrance hole in the plywood, 1¼” diameter for a House Wren.
  9. Sand the pane of wood till smooth.
  10. Spray the pane of wood with the spray paint.
  11. Reassemble the porch light.
  12. Hang it up in a woodland edge, agricultural area, or residential area, and enjoy your feathered friends.
Porch light birdhouse

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