It’s March

by Lavina Oberholtzer | Mar 5, 2024 | 0 comments

Month of March Writing Second Place Winner

Softly stealing from its shelter,
Skipping over hill and vale,
Comes the Lamb of Spring-like splendor,
Chasing out the winter’s gale.

Tiny little hooves are beating
Out a rhythm on the sod.
Earth receives the warming moisture;
Lo, we see the hand of God!

Tiny shoots of green are showing
Where before just brown had been.
Birds return from winter havens,
Praises to their Maker sing.

Then one morning—what has happened
To the gentle, spring-like Lamb?
Lion’s come with all its fury,
Chasing Lamb away again!

Where are all those feathered singers
In this snow and rain and ice?
Huddled, shiv’ring, singing muted,
Clutched in Lion Winter’s vice!

Vicious claws of wind are slashing,
Slinging sleet against the pane,
But, in spite of Lion’s fury,
Lamb is sneaking out again!

For the temp’rature is rising.
Ice has turned to gentle rain,
Which, in turn, is melting winter.
Lion’s chased back to its den!

On and on they fight each other.
Who will win? Oh, time will tell…
Lamb of Spring or Lion Winter?
Last of March will end the tale!

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