“Joy Cometh in the Morning”

by Judy Kauffman | Jun 1, 2024 | 0 comments

Diamond ring. Photo © Andrew Zimmerman.

So amazing! How could such a tiny sliver left of the sun still yield so much light?! The temperature had been dropping sharply with a cold wind as the sun was losing its light. And then, we saw IT, the object of so much focus for weeks and months previously.

The moon now covered the face of the sun, yet still left a shining outer rim, the corona. So quickly at totality, the world became dark. On the horizons to the south and north were sunsets other-worldly. Now one bright star glittered its night light. Other viewers looking for them saw more stars. A ruby-red solar prominence projected from the sun as we gazed on this phenomenon, our protective glasses now resting on our laps for the three minutes and fourteen seconds we had of totality.

For us, this occasion began Sunday evening. Our guests, Kevin and Bethany Shank, and their family, which included two married sons and their wives, ten in all, arrived for Sunday supper.

After supper, Kevin and sons set up several telescope mounts so they could use the North Star to align them.

Norman’s sister Irene and her husband Jerry arrived the next day. In the afternoon, also joining us were John and Erma Coblentz and son Nathan, plus our son Vernon and his wife Ada. We sat waiting…watching…munching on freshly baked chocolate chop cookies Erma brought…as the sun gradually lost its light. A sliver gone…a half-bite…a three-quarter bite…gradually sliding into a sliver remaining…and then TOTALITY!

A shared experience enhances special moments, and this was certainly one of them! Meanwhile, others in our community made their own memory moments. A number of girls clambered up onto the roof of a shed for their observation deck. At another location, boys shinnied up onto a roof with spotting scopes. With these, they spotted the large group in Smyrna, twenty-two miles away, also out on their chosen high field, watching the ECLIPSE!

In the evening, our extended family living in Hodgdon, and the Shanks, all gathered at our meeting house for a meal so they could meet our children and their families. The evening ended on a triumphant note, the building resounding with songs of praise.

Only God could design this orderly world that lines up to the precise dot of time when the moon blocks the face of the sun. By His very preciseness, man can calculate the exact second that this will take place, years before it happens!

From a corner of our own backyard, we were graced to experience the sun of the whole world, which was set into the universe on the fourth day of creation as “a strong man to run a race,” now being “humbled!” But this sun has not failed us yet, nor ever will until God decrees it. At that time the sun, moon, stars, the host of all the heavens, and the whole earth will bow to the Voice of God.

But what about another miracle? Loraine Eclipsea Yoder was born only a few precious moments after the darkness. “Joy cometh in the morning!” She is the newborn baby daughter of Jonas and Keturah Yoder.

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