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Nature Friend Magazine

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A Christian nature magazine for whole family!
Art lessons, puzzles, crafts, stories, outdoor activities, and photography  – all for less than $5 a month!

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What Our Customers Say

Nature Friend Magazine

“From the great pictures to the fabulous stories and recipes, this is an amazing magazine. The information Nature Friend contains is quite valuable. You make learning about our Creator very simple.”

– The Herrmann Family, Arlington, VA

Nature Friend Magazine

“My grandchildren, and their parents, really love Nature Friend. It is so hard to find a magazine like this that reinforces the values they are teaching their children.”

– Grandma Ginger W., PA

Nature Friend Magazine

“I am very pleased with the quality and content of Nature Friend. It opens innumerable mysteries and curiosities for the children’s wonder, giving them an early appreciation of their marvelous Creator.”

– Grandma Kathy L., Kamiah, ID

Why Choose Nature Friend

Art & Writing Contests

Art, story, and poetry submissions are open to readers ages 8-14.

Photography Contests

Readers of all ages can submit nature photography and contribute to our annual Readers Edition.

No External Advertisers

Enjoy a clutter-free reading experience with no distracting ads.

Magazine Sneak Peak

Readers can participate with every issue!

Contests & Activities

Art Lessons

Drawing lessons of nature topics, plus featured children’s drawings.

Contests & Events

Family activities related to nature, arts & crafts, photography, and writing.

Getting into Nature

Seasonal activities to get your family out exploring nature.

Pictures & Poems

Drawings and poetry submitted by readers.

Learning by Doing

Craft projects and science experiments.

Puzzles & Hidden Pictures

Word scrambles, riddles, crosswords, & drawings with hidden objects.

Photo Credit: S & A Photography

Talented Portrait Artist Got Her Start With Nature Friend Art Lessons

“I was introduced to Nature Friend through my cousin Naomi. At her house, we used to sprawl on our tummies with pencils, fresh white papers, and stacks of Nature Friend magazines, and draw for hours!

I never asked for art lessons as a girl because I had heard they were expensive. Nature Friend‘s ‘You Can Draw’ lessons gave me the foundation I needed.”

Coleen Barnhart, Portraits in Oil
Waynesboro, Georgia

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Study Guide Sneak Peak

Study guides contain eight to twelve pages additional pages with exercises to reinforce learning and bonus features that teach creative writing and nature photography.

Entertaining Articles & Stories

“The Heavens Declare” & “Exploring Our Skies”

Astronomy-related articles appearing every other month. One of our regular astronomy writers also writes High School astronomy curriculum for Christian Light Education.

Nature Stories

Character-building, Creator-honoring. Colorful photos illustrate stories and articles.

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Nature Friend Magazine

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Butterfly photo

Nature Friend Subscriber Photography Group Shares Passion & Knowledge

“More than a year has passed since I first joined this wonderful group of people who all share a few uncommon passions: nature, photography, and the glory of God. Back then I had no clue what an f-stop was. I’d never heard of the word ‘bokeh.’ Who cared about noise? I just wanted a picture with a bird in it somewhere.

Now, you all can see the difference for yourselves; and it’s all thanks to you. Many of you were quite willing to share your knowledge and teach me the ropes. I learned so much in just a short time.”

Anna Boggs, Age 16
Nature Friend Photography Group Member

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A nature magazine the whole family can enjoy, including grandparents! Photography, art lessons, stories, outdoor activities, puzzles and crafts – all for less than $5 a month!

Questions? Give us a call:
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