Majestic March

by Estella See | Feb 1, 2024 | 0 comments

My March Contest Honorable Mention

two white-tailed deer standing in snowy woods
White-tailed deer. Photo © Oseland|

The silent pre-dawn is blotted out by densely falling snow. Soundlessly, the hours drift away. Then gray morning light trickles in through heavy banks of clouds. The world is coated in white, the ground covered with 10 inches (25 cm) of snow. The ridges and gullies of the snow lie undisturbed, save the teasing of the wind and the evidence of moonlit bunny dances. Swirling winds whirl across the fields, tugging more snow from the clouds. The snow shrouds the Wisconsin woodlands, obscuring them from view.

As the snow deepens, myriads of creatures come to life! Bushy-tailed squirrels, black ones and gray ones, dash from tree to tree. Several squirrels venture boldly onto the porch and jump to the bird feeders. They scamper about, busily eating, mindless of the obvious observers at the window.

Suddenly they all vanish! A stealthy black shadow under the window follows their movements with glowing green eyes. Then it slinks noiselessly away to pounce elsewhere.

Flocks of screaming, gawking Blue Jays fight over corn at the feeder. A beautiful red cardinal flits in for a share of sunflower seeds. Busy droves of nuthatches, chickadees, and woodpeckers wing to and fro.

White-tailed deer wander through the drifted woods, finding mouthfuls of food here and there.

And the snow falls on, steadily deepening to 14 inches (35 cm). The already-6-foot-high (2-m) snow banks piled around buildings grow higher.

The day wanes, and slowly the deep purple dusk creeps over the landscape. The face of the moon is veiled with clouds. The dismal, eerie howling of wolves floats desolately through the snow, adding a chill to the darkness. Frigid night air leaks over everything, and temperatures drop to thirteen below (-25° C). The clouds drift away, and the black night sky is spangled with millions of stars.

Slowly hints of dawn spread across the sky, and the sun rises in splendor! The breathtaking snow glitters brilliantly. The drooping heads of the trees are flooded with light, etching sharp blue shadows across the dazzling snow. Behind the snow-laden birches, the sky breaks into deep blue. And silently, under a snowy cave of branches, a shy, silky rabbit hops into view to greet the glorious March morning!

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