My Day With the Birds

by Julian D. Kreider, 9 | Mar 2, 2022 | 0 comments

Red-tailed Hawk flying
Red-tailed Hawk. Photo © Julian Kreider.

When I was looking through the September Nature Friend, I saw the Birding with Friends Contest. I thought it would be interesting to try. I decided to make my circle in a brushy place on our six-acre property. I picked Monday, October 25, since school was closed for Teachers’ Visiting Day. My oldest sister helped me set up our tent in a grassy area beside one of our gardens.

I woke up about 7 o’clock. I heard three kinds of sparrows and a towhee while I was still in my sleeping bag! I sat up and looked out the tent door and saw a robin.

I walked to a woodsy area and sat on a log. It was a beautiful morning, about 60° F. (15° C.), and sunny. I saw a Winter Wren hopping in the underbrush close to me. Then I saw Mama coming to bring me breakfast. She also brought our camera with the 600 mm lens.

I ate my breakfast, then slowly made my way back to the log. On the way, I saw a thrush and a Brown Creeper. Next I set up my chair and the camera. I saw the Winter Wrens again and got some nice pictures of them. I waited for the thrushes, and saw one in the inkberries. It was scuffing the leaves, then flew onto an old tire. It was too much behind a small tree, so I could not get pictures of it. Next it flew behind me. All of a sudden, I saw a Hermit Thrush straight ahead of me! Quickly I snapped some pictures, and I was able to get some lovely ones before it flew away.

Then there was silence for a while, so I walked around in my circle. Of course, I saw lots of Blue Jays and vultures. Mama and my little sister brought my lunch to me, and I ate it by the tent. While I was eating, I saw a Sharp-shinned Hawk circling high in the sky. After I was done with my lunch, I saw White–throated Sparrows while I was sitting on a dirt pile. One hopped two feet from me!

I walked to our neighbor’s field, to see Chipping Sparrows, Yellow-rumped Warblers, and a Ruby-crowned Kinglet. A Red-tailed Hawk sailed overhead, and I took a few pictures of it.

The sun was starting to sink lower in the west, and the bird activity was slowing down, so I hauled my camera and tripod to the house. I helped Mama fold up the tent, and soon after dark it started to rain. Now I was glad to be in the house, but I had enjoyed my day!

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