Nature Friend FAQs

For what age is Nature Friend most appropriate?

Nature Friend was originally published as a children’s magazine, reflected in the tag line Helping Children Explore the Wonders of God’s Creation. In 2009, the Study Guide edition was added and the tag line was changed to Helping Families Explore the Wonders of God’s Creation. Since then, we have continued to expand our range of content with the aim of appealing to a wide age range. While school-age children are still the majority of our readers, our subscriber base has expanded to include grandparents, and everyone in between.


What is the Study Guide edition?

In 2009, the Study Guide edition was added to provide additional features to our readers. Study Guides are an optional sixteen extra pages of educational content. At present, the regular features include several pages of puzzles, an astronomy article, a gardening article, a recipe sharing section, a photography lesson, and photo sharing features.

View a sample Study Guide.


When will my magazines arrive?

We send each mailing list to the printer around the 15th of the month before the issue being mailed. For most people, their magazines will arrive in the early part of the issue month. Holidays and postal system delays can slow the arrival of your magazines, as well as delivery to foreign countries. Once the magazines have been mailed, we cannot control the postal system’s delivery speed. Also, we are not responsible for issues missed due to address changes that we have not been notified of. The postal forwarding system will not notify us of address changes.


My magazine hasn’t arrived. Can you send a replacement copy?

For United States subscribers, free replacement issues can be sent under the following conditions: the address we have is correct, the 20th of the issue month is past, and the next issue has already arrived. These conditions are in place to protect against postal system errors, which are outside of our control. Back issues can also be purchased online or by calling (540) 867-0764. Due to international postage prices, we cannot offer free hard-copy replacement issues for countries outside of the United States. We also offer a digital version of the magazine that can be accessed for free by print customers.


How do I set up an automatically renewing subscription?

Auto-renewing subscriptions can be purchased online as recurring subscriptions, or they may be ordered over the phone (540) 867-0764 or (540) 947-1636.


Where can I find the digital issues?

Individual articles can be searched or located by category. Complete PDF issues can be found under the Magazine Archive tab.


Do you send messages to gift recipients?

We do not send messages to gift recipients, but we do provide free printable gift announcements online. We can also include a short message as a line in the address.


Why was there a price change?

Like every business, we need to change our prices periodically to keep up with rising postage, expenses, and general inflation. This is done carefully and proportionately, keeping both your needs and ours in mind. We do not have any external advertisers to subsidize the magazine costs, so your purchase buys content, not ads.