Of Drama and Promise

by Kimber Zook | Mar 5, 2024 | 0 comments

Month of March Writing First Place Winner

creek in snowy field
Photo © Photomailbox|Dreamstime.com.

The creek in our north pasture has experienced many seasons. It has survived the parched thirstiness of summer that sometimes dries its waters completely. It has felt the crisp, changeful wind of autumn twisting its ripples into fabulous patterns as it blows the last shreds of summer from the world. It has wound its twisty way through the harsh, windy whiteness of winter. It has experienced the fresh waters and the renewed promise of spring. Right now, it is experiencing anew the drama of March.

Here in Wyoming, March is not synonymous with spring like it is to other people. For us, it simply means that, although our worst blizzards are still ahead of us, for a little bit we can expect a few of those unrivaled sunny days which remind us that, once again, God will not forget to send the spring.

The lifeless icy mask that has hidden the creek’s face is softening under the friendly warmth of the spring sun. The last snowdrifts hiding under the creek banks put up a valiant stand, but they cannot survive for long.

Or can they? Wyoming old-timers shake their heads when we get one of those rare, suddenly-summer days in March. They know that nearly always it is simply an apology in advance from Nature for what she has in store.
Tomorrow, the temperatures will plummet icily, the wind will howl, and the skies will dump re-enforcements on the melting snowdrifts. For days the face of the creek will resume its icy mask, and Wyoming will be plunged back into the depth of winter.

Then suddenly—sunshine! The barren trees by the creek will relish the brief respite from wind. A meadowlark will sing its song on the banks, informing the world that “Wyoming-is-a-pretty-little-place.” The sun will work slowly and steadily at the mask of ice on the creek’s face until the waters will flow again, rippling the promise that, though sometimes long, winter is never forever.

Yes, the little creek has seen many seasons. But somehow I can’t help thinking that—perhaps—March is its favorite.

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