Our Flower Bed

by Solomon Blair | Jan 2, 2024 | 0 comments

Flower Bed Contest Third Place

raised bed flower bed
Photo © Solomon Blair.

This is our first year having a raised flower bed. My dad built it with treated 2×8 lumber and lattice. It is 39 square feet. Before filling it with dirt, we put leaves, sunflower stalks, and poplar logs in the bottom for compost.

My grandma does germination testing for a local seed company in Brandon, Manitoba, and she was able to provide us with seeds. Because our growing season is so short, we started our seeds in the house. We grew hens and chicks, giant zinnias, giant marigolds, miniature cosmos, datura, Gold Crown Calla Lily, portulaca, day lilies, petunias, torenias, pansies, celosia, and white amaryllis.

My mom, my two younger brothers, and I worked together to make this beautiful scene. We organized the plants according to height. We put the tall flowers at the back and the small flowers at the front.

We underestimated how bushy and tall the datura would get, so eventually we had to transplant some of the smaller flowers. After the datura flowers wilted, they developed a prickly seed pod. If you want to grow these, WATCH OUT! They have barbs.

I enjoyed it, and I want to do it again next year.

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