Our Lunar Adventure

by Hadassah H. Yoder, 10 | Mar 2, 2022 | 0 comments

Lunar eclipse
Lunar eclipse. Photo © Kevin Shank.

It was November 16, 2021, and excitement was high for us siblings. Tonight was a lunar eclipse!

It was cloudy, and we were a bit worried. But, it was windy, and we hoped the clouds would blow away soon.

We went to bed at 9:00 with alarm clocks set for 2:50 a.m. I was deep in dreamland when suddenly a “Beep, Beep, Beep” pierced my sleep. I shut off the alarm and heard a whispered, “Hadassah.”

“Yes,” I answered. I swung my legs over the bed and ran my hand along it. I opened my door and followed Jabez to a window where we thought we could see the eclipse. But, to our disappointment, we could not see it.

“Go check your room,” Jabez whispered. “I’ll checks ours.”

I found my way through the dark hallway and into my room. I pulled aside the curtain and looked outside. No moon. It was too cold to go outside…what could we do?

From his window, Jabez exclaimed that he could see it. I climbed up the bunkbed ladder. Yes, there it was, nearly covered already. Jabez was constantly snapping pictures.

Soon sleepy Teddy crawled up and joined our party. He was awed at the eclipsed moon.

After awhile Jabez left for a bit. My eyes were still scanning the sky, admiring those beautiful stars. Suddenly I saw a streak of light!

“A meteor!” I whispered to Teddy. I had almost forgotten the peak for the Leonid meteor shower was November 16. How delighted I was! All too soon it was time to get back to bed.

“Thank You, God, for Your wonders!”

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