Our Pet Fawn

by Joas Martin, 9 | May 1, 2022 | 0 comments

One day my brother James was going along the road when he saw a fawn in the woods. He went over to it, and it just stayed there, so he petted it. It was a very nice fawn.

Some days later Mother was going that same way, and it came out of the woods again. Then another time Dad and my brother Caleb were going along the road, and it came jumping out of the woods and followed them home.

We fed it cow’s milk from a bottle. From then on it came for its bottle of milk two or three times a day that whole summer. We enjoyed holding the bottle. First the dog tried to chase the fawn, but later the dog and the fawn often romped in the hay field and were friends.

Some days the fawn ate Mother’s raspberries. And one Sunday when we had church, it tried to come in. Some people liked that, and others didn’t.

Golden Retriever and white-tailed deer fawn
White-tailed deer fawn and Golden Retriever. Photo © Kevin Shank.

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