Nature Friend Insect Challenge


Explore the world of insects with Nature Friend Insect Challenge. A fun way to learn…fun facts to know.

Stretch your memory, grow your knowledge, challenge your skills.

Each game has 100 cards—50 picture cards and 50 quiz cards.

3-6 players

Age 8+


How is silk made? What are compound eyes? How much honey does one worker bee make in a lifetime? How do stink bugs communicate with each other? Nature Friend Insect Challenge answers these questions and more in a new and engaging way. Players learn interesting insect trivia while gathering the most insect photo sets. Stretch your memory, grow your knowledge, and challenge your skills with the Nature Friend Insect Challenge!

Nature Friend Insect Challenge is designed for 3-6 players, ages 8 and older, and makes a great gift. Surprise your nature-loving friends with a Nature Friend Insect Challenge game of their own!

From a reviewer—
“A bunch of folks are going to either go nuts or be rather knowledgeable in the near future.”
—D. A.