Spots of Red

by Galen Horning, 8 | May 1, 2022 | 0 comments

Common Redpoll on snow
Common Redpoll. Photo ©

My sister looked out the window and asked, “Is that a redpoll?”

We all ran for the window. By then the birds had all flown away, so we had to go over to another window. Soon we saw the birds on a little snow pile.

My sister said, “Yes, those are redpolls.”

The Common Redpolls hopped around on the snow. My sister said, “They were not here for the last three or four winters.”

It was windy and icy. It was very cold. One redpoll slid down the snow pile. It was so nice to see them once again. They come only in colder winters and go back north for the summer.

The females are brown streaked with spots of red on their heads. The males are lighter with pink on their bodies and red on their heads.

I hope to see them again this winter.

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