“In today’s world, publications like yours are a rarity. Thank you for hanging in there and producing a beautiful, meaningful publication.”

—L. M. Jonestown, PA


“As soon as Nature Friend comes in the lane, we devour it. Keep up the good work…keep them coming.”

—Dad Eby 


“Keep it coming. It’s the best thing (Nature Friend) out there for my grandkids. Keep it coming.”

—J. S. Franklin, NC (A pleased grandpa.)


“My grandchildren are really enjoying these, just as my children did back in the day!”

—L. P. Saltville, VA


“I got busy and accidently let our subscription expire. Is there a way I could purchase a print copy of the issue I missed? My kids pounce on your magazine whenever it comes in the mail.”

—N. G.


“(One of the ladies I subscribe for) is 82 years old. She can’t wait for the magazine to arrive. She’s saved every issue and goes back and rereads them. I just wanted to let you know it’s being a blessing.”

—NJ Subscriber’s comment after renewing four subscriptions


“You know, this would be a really good Christmas gift.”

—Subscriber’s grandson from CO


“Faye is 11 and she LOVES this magazine!!”

—A. K. Signal Hill, CA


“My grandkids are all spread out in age. I am saving the magazines by season, so they can look at the current ones, and they can also go back and look at old issues. I’m getting them for my grandkids now, but I started with my own children a lot of years ago. We really appreciate Nature Friend.”

—Grandma Shaffer, Union, OR


“We keep seeing your magazine in the dentist’s office and mean to subscribe. Finally, Friday, when my husband was there, he remembered to get your address written down. We are grandparents, but we have really enjoyed looking at Nature Friend when we are at the dentist.”

—E. McGann, Hinton, VA


“Good morning! We just heard about this wonderful magazine, Nature Friend, and so immediately subscribed to a year of the magazine! We’re wondering if there is any way to receive the September issue as it looks like we likely won’t be getting an issue until October. Thanks for your time and help.”

—Kennedy family


“Keep up the good work. You are doing a lot of good for a lot of people.”

—Grandma Graybill, Mifflintown, PA


“I want to thank you for a few things!

First of all, you make the best magazine my family receives. We look forward to every new issue where we get to learn information about God’s Creation, get inspired with ideas, and connect as a family. We love the stories, the projects, and the competitions!

Second, I want to thank you so much for the prize I received for my winning contest entry! It meant so much to me and gave me confidence in my writing ability. I can’t wait to use what I buy to continue to explore nature and God’s handiwork around me, and hopefully it gives me ideas for more projects!

 Again, thanks for all you do!”

—Ellie T., Simpsonville, SC 


“We love Nature Friend. We’re sharing it with everyone we know.”

—Caller from PA


 “We have five boys ages 19-7 and they all love it (Nature Friend).

—Paradise, PA


“I like your magazines. They are so interesting that I can hardly wait to read the next one. Thanks a lot.”

—Niklas S., Oriskany Falls, NY


“And by all means keep Nature Friend coming! All eight of us siblings scramble for the magazine as soon as it arrives! It’s a real feast.”

—Carla M, Kenton, OH


“My grandchildren got Nature Friend for me. I really like it—I learn so much!”

—Donna S., Christiana, TN


“Thank you so much for Nature Friend magazine. Your magazine has been very helpful to us in raising our family for the Lord. There are so many distractions out there. Nature Friend is just one more piece of the puzzle, reinforcing the values we are instilling in our children. We have saved every issue since we first began getting them. We also have your book, “Exploring Our Skies,” and now the binoculars that I just ordered. We have a daughter who is so fascinated by the stars…” (The binoculars were to help in seeing more stars than we can see with our eyes.)

—John G., NY


“I was just at our Christian Doctor’s office and saw your magazine for the first time ever. I was so impressed! It would be perfect for my two nature loving and artistic daughters.”

—Kendra W., PA


“We really appreciate what you do with Nature Friend. All of us enjoy it, both the magazine and the study guide. We adults especially like the study guide.”

—Dad S., Spring Grove, MN


“My daughter is 14 and in the autistic spectrum. These Nature Friends are very popular with her. She can reel off volumes of information.”



“Your magazine is just amazing!” It is the best.”

—Melinda M., Purcellville, VA


“It’s very uplifting, very informational.”

—T.T., Farmville, VA


“My granddaughter uses Nature Friend for art, literature, and writing (how to write a good story). It serves a part in their homeschooling. It’s a marvelous magazine.”

—Patricia W. Reading, PA


“We have really enjoyed the magazine. We started getting it maybe two years ago, I don’t even remember how we learned about you, but the two oldest boys read it cover-to-cover several times every month. Thank you so much for what you are doing.”

—Lindsay T., Greer, SC



“Thank you. We love when this magazine comes!! Keep up the great work.” (Note with a renewal for two years with Study Guide edition.)

—Thelma I., Carson City, MI


“We really enjoy the magazine and we thank you for all your efforts there.”

—Penny Z., Oak Brook, IL


“Thank you for the binoculars! It’s my first pair and it got me watching birds…”

— Nancy W., Windsor, MO


We have been getting Nature Friend for our children for over thirty years. I’ll be eighty this year, but I get on zoom with my grandchildren and we look at the magazine together. I want to renew the magazine for my two grandchildren, and also add a new gift for someone else. We are so grateful for what you do. Thank you.

—Grandma Smith, Newberg, OR


I am calling to let you know I have received the two Vortex Viper binoculars (10×42 and 10×50) you sent to me and I am delighted with them. I have never seen through a pair of binoculars that are so clear. I’m just blown away. I am guessing at the distance, but I think I was looking 300-400 yards. Butterflies were flying over the field, and even from that distance I could tell what kind they were. I could see if they were yellow or orange or black, and I know what kind of butterflies we have here. So I could tell what kind I was seeing. I am just really impressed. You definitely pointed me in the right direction. If I hear of anyone looking for binoculars, I’ll be sure to tell them about these.

—A happy customer, Jamestown, TN


It all started one and a half years ago, when I was looking through some old magazines. I found some 1994-2001 issues of Nature Friend magazine, and I loved them! Having never heard of Nature Friend magazine, I asked Mom if she knew what it was from. She said it was her favorite magazine from when she was my age! I asked her if I could look it up. She said I could, but she doubted it would still be selling. When I found out that the magazine was still going, I asked—no, begged—her if I could get the magazine. After a little while, she agreed! I waited anxiously for the first issue (the 2021 February issue) to be delivered. When it was, I shut myself up in my room for a couple of hours and read and drew to my heart’s content. And there you have it, the story of how I discovered this amazing wonderful magazine! Thank you!

—Gina (12), San Luis Obispo, CA


I saw your magazine in a doctor’s office or somewhere and I had not seen anything like it before. I got it for my grandson for a year or two at that time. Now, about ten years later, I wanted to order it again—this time for my granddaughter. I could not remember the name of the magazine, but I searched and searched. When I finally found it, I recognized the name as being the same.

—Grandpa Myer, Jonestown, PA


I was buying (my grandson) Highlights, but it didn’t align with our beliefs. Then someone showed me Nature Friend. (Note with an order for two years of Nature Friend w/ Study Guide.)

—Karen, Laguna Hills, CA


Thank you so much for your exciting magazine. I’m always excited to get the next issue.

—11-year-old boy from Bainbridge, OH


Thanks so much for your ministry! We thank the Lord for allowing us to discover this resource. Please find a check enclosed for a gift subscription. (A note accompanying a Nature Friend w/ Study Guide order for a Christian academy.)

—Valery, Loganton, PA


We do value your publication—a day brightener for us.

—Stanley, Hegins, PA


Our family really appreciates Nature Friend. The children watch the mailbox every day for it to arrive. And, when it does, it is the highlight of the month. They really, really enjoy it!

—Lynn, Loma, CO


I was at the children’s hospital this week for another appointment for my son and as we were leaving I happened to see your magazine on a table where I was fixing his bottle. I don’t know if I was more excited to look at it than the kids that come here but it was really nice to see someone made a nature magazine that exalts God as Creator. We are familiar with Answers in Genesis but they don’t really make nature magazines quite like yours. My favorite page was of the You can Draw from December with the Carolina wrens. Those are one of my favorite species of birds and when I saw how all these young children drew the bird, it made me finally realize that I can too and I just need to do it! Thank you for making this magazine, I hope to be subscribing someday soon and share this with my son when he is old enough to read.

— Michelle Smith


This book (North American Owls) is one of the best! Very neatly done.

— Shereen, Reading, PA

My daughter loves the Study Guide…we will be getting this for quite a few years. It is absolutely the most wonderful publication! It is the best thing we’ve been able to give the grandchildren.

—Grandma Heather, Tecumseh, ON


Do you have any more cookbooks besides “Camp and Cabin Cookin'” Book 2? My daughter was given this book as a gift and we really, really like it! We have made a lot of recipes from it. We like the recipes shown in photographs.

—Mary, Argos, IN


My granddaughter absolutely loves, and looks forward to, every issue!!!

—Grandma Angela, Skidmore, MO


I stumbled across you accidentally. I went to a homeschool convention and found some back issues. Thank you so much for the excellent product you put out there.

—Telephone caller


We enjoy you giving information about the animals in story form. We really like that. We enjoy the magazine very much.

—Leanne F., Muskegon, MI


My grandchildren have enjoyed the magazine greatly over the years. We look forward to continuing to get it.

—Greenville, NH


“We appreciate the work you are doing there,” said Grandpa Martin after renewing his account, and the accounts of his four children’s families.

—Manheim, PA


My grandchildren, and their parents, really love Nature Friend. It is so hard to find a magazine like this that reinforces the values they are teaching their children.

—Happy Grandma, Bethel Park, PA


My grands will love the magazine. I subscribed to it years ago for my now grown children. Thanks for a publication that exalts God as Creator.

—Bloomsburg, PA


I really enjoy Nature Friend. From the great pictures to the fabulous stories and great recipes, this is an amazing magazine. The information Nature Friend contains is quite valuable. You make learning about our Creator very simple; just read Nature Friend. It is useful for school. Need information for a paper about nature? Look at previous Nature Friend magazines. If you are bored and want a project, Nature Friend can help with that. Even if you have a question about God’s creation, Nature Friend can help answer it. As you can see, Nature Friend is valuable, so please keep the good work going.

A thankful reader. — Arlington, VA


My grandson, Wade, gave me his painting and a poem to send for publication. He has read your magazine faithfully for two or three years now and anticipates it every month…I am very pleased with the quality and content of Nature Friend. It opens innumerable mysteries and curiosities for the children’s wonder, giving them an early appreciation of their marvelous Creator. Thank you for your good work!

— Grandma, Kamiah, ID


“Just wanted to thank you for the magazines you donate to our Children’s Hospital.  As soon as I put these in the waiting room…they’re gone!  Children just love them (so do the adults!)”
— Children’s Hospital, Greenville, SC

“Our son was recently in a hospital for minor surgery.   While waiting for the procedure to be done, we read your magazine.  We are nature and animal lovers and loved it.”
— Drums, PA

“On behalf of the children of Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC), we would like to thank you for your gift of a subscription to the children’s magazine Nature Friend.  Our families love to have quality reading material available to them as they spend time in our waiting areas and lobby.  We also keep a supply of gently-used books throughout the hospital and clinic for this purpose.  Most of these books and magazines make their way home with the kids, which is one of our main goals, to encourage a love of books and reading…”
Children’s Hospital of Orange County

“On behalf of the patients and staff of Children’s Hospital of Pittsburg, thank you for your thoughtful donation of Nature Friend Magazine.  We appreciate that you have included Children’s in your giving…”
Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh

“On behalf of the Department of Volunteer Services, I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the donation of the ‘Nature Friend’ magazines…Every day we are challenged by the needs of children and we are especially grateful for individuals who help us meet these needs.”
Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital

“The Cheer Guild of Riley Hospital for Children and Indiana University Hospital, sincerely appreciates your donation of magazines.  Our patients and families are fortunate to have caring friends like you…” Motto: “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these–ye have done it unto me.” Matthew 25:40
The Cheer Guild of Riley Hospital for Children

“Thank you so very much for your support of the Pediatric unit.  The children enjoy the magazines that you have been providing.  Again, we do thank you and appreciate the donation.”
Children’s Ward, Munroe Regional Medical Center

“I just saw your magazine in the Henrico Doctors’ Hospital and want to order it for my grandchildren.  I’m so glad to find a nature magazine that is not full of evolution.”
— Richmond, VA

Thank you for the donation of magazines.  Reading materials are always a resource we need and appreciate.
                                                Columbus Children’s Hospital, Columbus, OH

On behalf of the UW Children’s Hospital patients, families, staff and myself, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for donating the Nature Friend magazines for our kids to read.  How kind of you to think of us.

As you know, a child’s hospitalization can be a difficult experience for both the patient and their family.  These magazines are being enjoyed by many children and their families.

Thanks again for thinking of UW Children’s Hospital.  It is very much appreciated by all of us here!
                                                University of Wisconsin Children’s Hospital

“I saw Nature Friend in a hospital in Cody, Wyoming.  They must have just put it out this morning because I was there all weekend and didn’t see it.  I think it is wonderful.  I want to help get it out to children in hospitals, but I want to get some addresses of other hospitals.  I think it will really be appreciated.”
— Bellingham, WA

On behalf of the entire staff and volunteers at Children’s National Medical Center, I want to thank you so much for your generous donation….  The magazines that you provided will help us continue our mission of helping to make the often scary, anxiety-filled hospital experience a little easier for patients and their families.

Thanks to people like you, we are constantly reminded of the incredible impact the kindness of strangers has on a family whose child is in the hospital.  For example, shortly after your donation arrived, we were able to make deliveries to a child recovering from surgery, a new mom and a tiny baby, and a family that just arrived from out of town.  One of the parents actually followed us down the hall to tell us that this was the first time their child had smiled in months.

Thank you again for making a difference and boosting the spirits of patients and their families.

                                                National Medical Center, Washington DC

Dear Friends of St. Jude:

Thank you for your donation of magazines for our patients at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

One of the biggest comforts and blessings our families say they have when they come to St. Jude is the knowledge that countless people across America truly care for them.  Whether providing funds for treatment and research, praying for the children, or sending thoughtful gifts, our donors and their contributions are sincerely appreciated and valued.

On behalf of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and especially on behalf of the children and their families, thank you for your kindness and generosity.

                                                St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Dear Nature Friend,

On behalf of all of us at Arkansas Children’s Hospital, thank you for your kind and thoughtful donation….

Let me assure you that your donation of Nature Friend magazines is greatly appreciated by these children and their families.  After all, when they are counting on us, nothing less than the best will do – and your donation helps make that possible.

Once again, thank you.  You have helped make a patient’s stay at ACH all the more brighter!

Arkansas Children’s Hospital

“I am sitting in a doctor’s office looking at your magazine.  I really like it and have already called my pastor’s wife and told her about it.  We would like to get a subscription for our church.”
— Fishersville, VA

“I saw your magazine at the Meijer Heart Center in Grand Rapids, MI.  I think it is a wonderful magazine.  I am helping my mother to get Christmas gifts and would like to subscribe for one of her great-grandchildren.”
— Grand Rapids, MI

“We used to get your magazine when our oldest children were younger.  That was a number of years ago.  Now that we again have younger children, we want to subscribe again.  Yesterday we were in a hospital and saw your magazine in the waiting room so I got your number from there…”
— Lewistown, PA

“Your Cheer the Children progam is a wonderful idea.  It is the perfect answer for our desire to give to others as we have been so blessed!  Our family has spent many days and hours in waiting rooms and hospital play rooms in the past 15 months as our youngest daughter has undergone chemotherapy for a cancerous tumor.  This plan gives the opportunity to share with other families who may be hurting…!”
— Rome, PA

Thank you very much for the award you sent to our family for the Christmas Bird Count. We are enjoying the book, and it will be very helpful to have. Thank you also for all the work you put into the magazine. it’s a great day when it arrives in the mailbox!

—Clarkrange, TN


Thank you for sending me the binoculars I ordered. I have never had binoculars that were even half as good as these. They are such a blessing.

—Negaunee, MI


I want you to know how deep our roots are with Nature Friend. Our children got it, and now I am getting it for the grandchildren. My daughter has kept all her issues from years back, so the grandchildren look at those too. Nature Friend is always the first item on the birthday wish list.

—Dahlonega, GA


I enjoy my granddaughter’s Nature Friend, and I thought I would get it for myself.

—Brunner, ON


We really enjoy your great magazine! It’s interesting, engaging, and educational. Keep it up!

—Port Washington, OH


I used to get Highlights. My daughter asked if we could get Nature Friend. The grandchildren saw it someplace and really liked it.

—Cypress, TX


Thank you for the interesting owl book. I have learned so much about owls from it. Thank you for having a story contest and printing my story. I love Nature Friend magazine stories.

—Inman, KS


We LOVE Nature Friend!

—Water Valley, TX


My children just LOVE Nature Friend. They pour over it. We really appreciate Nature Friend—it is so much better to get our children that than some other things. They love nature. They enjoy the nature pictures they see in the magazine. My girl LOVES to draw.

—Washington, IN


My daughter just loves Nature Friend. She reads it from cover to cover. I am surprised how good Nature Friend is (a comment after seeing the first issue).

—De Soto, MO


Our son loves your magazines and is reading them literally cover to cover! We plan to be long-time subscribers!

—Tulsa, OK


I saw your magazine in the doctor’s office and was so impressed with the quality of the articles, drawings, etc. I found out my ten year old grandson had gotten the magazine in the past, but the subscription had expired. My daughter was happy to get it again with this subscription.

—Hunters, WA


I wish I had known about this when my children were in school.

—Spring Creek, NV


The kids really enjoy Nature Friend.

—Bremen, IN


We really enjoy Nature Friend. It is refreshing to get a clean magazine like this in the mail, without a bunch of ads, that we can just hand to the children. Our son was really surprised to win the grand prize in the birdhouse contest. He got discouraged several times, but kept at it. Thank you so much!

—Newberg, PA


My grandson runs to the mailbox to see if Nature Friend came…

—Taylors, SC

I enjoy taking pictures, especially of nature. I like to read the many photo tips, although neither my camera or skill measures up to some displayed in this magazine.

By the way, you sold a telescope to my dad, and he sure likes his telescope. We’ve had numerous people come look through it, and they were very impressed.

God bless!

—Orfordville, WI

We just got our first issue of the magazine and the whole family enjoyed it! My daughter enjoyed the ‘You Can Draw’ feature.

—Westminster, MD

Thanks a lot for the tent you sent me (award). It will be really nice next summer because the tent my brother and I normally sleep in doesn’t work anymore. It meant a lot to me, too, because it came the day right after my wisdom teeth came out…so it was a real highlight to my day!

Thanks again, I can’t wait to give it a try. I appreciate your magazine and all the effort you put into blessing people through it. I know each copy is a real highlight at our house!

—Woodburn, IN

We have been subscribers to Nature Friend for the past year and our kids really love it. They also have greatly enjoyed the Study Guides. Thank you for your publications. I just renewed today.

—Massillon, OH


We received the coyote puzzle, the turkey mug, and the cardinal salt-and-pepper shakers. Thank you very much—they were such a pleasant surprise. All of the animals pictured in them were familiar to us from back in Canada, and we enjoyed seeing them again. We especially appreciate your taking time to choose different gifts for individual people. Thank you for your kind gift.

—Zomba, Malawi


Thank you for giving me the new fishing tackle box! We will enjoy fishing with these in our nearby pond. May God greatly bless…

—Suffolk, VA

We really enjoy Nature Friend. I found the story “A Step Into Space” very interesting. Especially because I just read the book “High Calling” about astronaut Rick Husband. He was the commander on the Space Shuttle Columbia on its final flight.

My dad taught us all he knew about astronomy, and now reading more about it in Nature Friend is so interesting. Our children enjoy the short stories, and especially the “You Can Draw” and “Invisibles” sections.

Thanks for the great magazine.

God bless you.

—Panama, NY

I really enjoy reading your magazine! Since we started getting the Study Guide it is doubly interesting.

When I saw what some of your gifts were I decided to write a story, but when it came to actual writing it was a little harder than I thought.

I wrote a story (enclosed) about a nature experience my brother Clement and I experienced.

I’m looking forward to the next magazine.

—Delano, TN

Thank you for your printing of a GREAT magazine. I enjoy it immensely. I am here in prison and I pass it on to others when I am finished. Your magazine creates many joyful moments…. May God bless you!

(Someone sent this through our “Cheer” program. Thank you, whoever you are.)

—Marianna, AR

Thank you for the fishing rod you sent me. I caught three little largemouth bass with it so far. I enjoy reading Nature Friend and watching wildlife. Thank you for publishing my story.

—Waynesboro, GA

Our family greatly enjoys Nature Friend. Thanks for all the time and work you put into it.

—Middletown, PA

Thank you so much for the binoculars! I was extremely surprised to have won them. I can’t wait to go birding with them. Thank you also for publishing my sketch, I loved to see it inside your magazine. Thank you for providing opportunities for artists and writers! We love your magazine.

—Hartselle, AL

Thank you for your hard work to produce such an informative and uplifting publication! …And recently we got “My Soul’s Delights” by Merna Shank and were blessed by the inspiration and photography there! It is a hidden gem in the Christian Light catalog…. I wonder if there is a need for more of that kind of thing for shut-ins, elderly, even children…a much higher caliber than the old Ideals type of publication…(and Nature Friend has a lot of these lovely characteristics already! The landscape scenes with simple poems and verses are a blessing—like your “Let’s Take a Hike” and “End of the Trail”…awesome glimpses of God’s creation. Thanks!


—Athens, WI

And thank  you for all you are doing. I know it has got to be a big job!

—Phone call

The binoculars made it and all looks good. They are quite different than the 10×25 Bushnells. It’s hard to believe that you can look through something and it makes it brighter than naked eye. Thanks.

—International Falls, MN

I want to thank you very much for the gifts I received after my stories were printed. The “North American Owls” book was captivating and I really enjoyed the stories and photos.

The “Exploring Our Skies” book was also very interesting and made me wish I would have a telescope.

Also, many thanks for the 15% off coupons. I am very pleased with the “Camp and Cabin Cookin'” cookbook I ordered.

One morning soon after the sun rose, my brother yelled, “Hey, look at the rainbow!”

I came running to look. There in the western sky was a bright, beautiful rainbow! It was different from any other rainbow I’ve ever seen. It was just a small arch, but very bright, and the dark clouds in the background made a lovely sight.

Soon after we first noticed it, the bright colors began to fade and slowly it disappeared, but it was there long enough to be etched vividly in my memory.

—Shippensburg, PA

Just a note to thank you for publishing Nature Friend magazine. I had a story in the 2017 Story Contest, and also my “You Can Draw” art lesson was in the Readers’ Issue. With the cash you gave I bought your “Camp and Cabin Cookin'” cookbook. I had so much fun looking through it! I like the design and layout. I always look forward to when the next Nature Friend comes in the mail!

—Fauk Centre, MN

Your magazine is a gem. I want to get it for my boy someday. (Baby now)

—Broadway, VA

Good Afternoon,

Well, friend, we have been on a good hike together, but now we have arrived at the parking lot.”   How beautifully put and I am so sorry to say that this is the stop where we get off. My mother, Ruth Unger is now almost 89 years old and has enjoyed your publication for so many years sharing it with her grandchildren when they visited as well. Many hours of enjoyment have been spent in your pages. Unfortunately my son is off to college in a few weeks, the others are grown and my mom does not even process the pictures any longer since she has been moved to a full care facility.

Thank you so much for the joys, the treasure hunts, the inspiration, the conversations and the blessings!

—Sumas, WA

“We really enjoy this magazine.”

—Versailles, MO

“I just renewed for my granddaughter and didn’t have the study guide. I want to add that. ‘She is really enjoying this magazine. They get so excited when the magazine comes. Thank you so much.”


“I just saw your magazine at the library this morning.  It is a wonderful magazine, and I want to subscribe for 2 years.”

—Culpeper, VA

Mom was thinking of renewing without S.G.  Son said, “Mom, we need that part.”  Mom said, “Our grandchildren enjoy NF when they come.”  Family has been getting it about 30 years.”

—Myerstown, PA

“I love that magazine as much as my grandson does.”

—Amissville, VA

“We appreciate your magazine. We had it for our children, and now we’re starting with our grandchildren.”

—Chandler, OK

“It’s always exciting to find NF in the mailbox.”

—Fremont, MI

Person gave gift sub to teacher. Said it’s really been a blessing to our family for many years. They have numerous hardbounds. Some of their grandchildren have had it all their lives. It is such a blessing to have a God-honoring nature magazine. She prays for us that we will be able to continue publishing. Also mentioned about the quality of the pictures and the articles.

—Phone call from Athens, WI

“Me and my sister have been getting your magazine for 6 months now. We just love it. Thanks for providing a Biblical, fun, entertaining and beautiful magazine! We enjoy it.”  From 10-year-old.


“I love reading your magazines.”


“I love drawing the pictures you put in your magazine.”


“Many thanks for your magazine. My students really enjoy it


“Your magazine is perfect for me because I love animals, nature, and drawing. Thanks for making NF.”

—Portsmouth, NH

“We sure enjoy NF. It is such an interesting magazine. Our 3 children about 17-21, and they enjoy it as much as they did when they were younger.”


“We really appreciate your magazines. Good and clean and so informative and colorful.”


“We enjoy your magazine. Thanks for an inspiring magazine.”


“They enjoy NF very much.”


“Thank you for all your efforts and hard work to compile each issue.”


“Anna has loved this magazine for years.”


“We have really loved this magazine. There’s not a lot of good stuff out there for kids and families to enjoy. It’s really wonderful. I appreciate all the work put into it.”


“I really appreciate your magazine. My nephews really enjoy it.”


“We just love this magazine for our children. It’s so good to get something wholesome in this world.”

—Middleburg, PA

“We only started getting NF this spring, and I love it!  Thanks for the great magazine.”

—Port Royal, PA

“I want to commend you on a nice magazine. It is high quality. We appreciate that.”


“Thanks for an interesting little magazine. Our daughter is hearing-impaired, in her 40s…. She enjoys nature walks and your magazine.


“Thank you for publishing a magazine that shows God’s creation in a way that honors Him.”

—International Falls, MN

“Here is a renewal. We also want to continue getting the Study Guide. I love the recipes. Thanks for the GOOD magazine.”

—Lititz, PA

“We appreciate your magazine.”

—Loma Linda, CA

“We are grateful for a magazine that has Christian values and no evolution.”

—Ropesville, TX

“Love it – have known of it 30+ years

—West Palm Beach, FL

“We love this magazine! Always God honoring—no evolution. Thank you!”

—Bristow, OK

He loves the magazine. It’s good for him.

—Mocksville, NC

“My family likes it very much.”

—Springfield, OH

“We like anything. Keep up the good work

—Kutztown, PA

“We really enjoy your magazine.”

—Mesquite, NM

“We have just started getting your magazine (me and my sister), and we have been loving it! The pictures, the poems, the stories. It’s so  fun! Thank you so much for publishing. I can’t wait to tell about it to my friends!”

—Akeny, IA

“I love your magazine. I’m almost 80, and I get it for myself. The great-grandchildren get it too. There’s nothing like nature, used in a right way. Getting children started early with something other than electronics is a plus.”

—Lake Village, IN

“NF is devoured from front to back by our family. Thank you!”

—Mendon, MA

“I love your magazine.  The photos are fantastic. I wish NF could get into more schools in the West.”

—Lebanon, OR

“Thank you  for providing a great Christian kids magazine. My sister and I look forward to it every month1”

—West Allis, WI

“Thank you for this interesting magazine! Our whole family enjoys it.”

—Meyersdale, PA

“I really, really love your magazine. Neighbors introduced me to it. My daughter is special needs, so I read it and show it to her.”  She also mentioned the recipes.

—Bridgewater, VA

“We like everything!!”

—Quarryville, PA

“I have another granddaughter I buy NF for. She loves it. She has submitted drawings and some have been put in NF. All 4 children in her family enjoy it. It’s such a blessing.”


“Your time and efforts pay of!  Nice magazine.”

—Brooten, MN

“The little kids love the magazine.”

—Perry, MI

“Keep up the good work

—Clayton, IL

“Thank you for publishing sucb a delightful magazine.”

—Herndon, VA

“I think of the magazines my grandchildren get, Nature Friend is their favorite. They all (9 of them) read it.”

—Phone call

“Our family has been getting NF for years now, and we all enjoy it, although we wish it would be fatter with more stories.:)  Thank you for your great magazine.”

—Ionia, IA

“We enjoy the whole thing! Lovely photos.”

—Newmanstown, PA

“Keep up the good work! We need you in this evolution-believing world.”

—Robesonia, PA

“My daughter homeschools, and this is a wonderful addition to their work. They just love everything about the magazine.”

—beeton, ON

“Ivan is in 4th grade and loves the astronomy pages”

—Hagerstown, MD

Thank you for your amazing magazine! We love it!!

—E-mail from WI

Thank you for all your non-evolutionary articles in your magazine! I love doing the study guide also!

—Suffolk, VA

Nature Friend blesses our lives! Thank you!

—Twisp, WA

We started getting NF for our oldest son. He’s twenty-seven now and has kept all his issues…

—Phone call

We absolutely love this magazine. It is very useful for the girls being homeschooled.

—Hillside, IL

Thank you so much Nature Friend!!! I love your magazine. My brother and I were so happy to see our mule deer drawings in the latest issue!

—Worth, TX

I wanted to let you know the gift certificates, catalogues, and prizes have now all arrived safely here in Malawi. The family was very happy to open and pore over everything.

—Zomba, Malawi

I want to thank you very much for the gifts I received after my stories were printed. The “North American Owls” book was captivating and I really enjoyed the stories and photos.

The “Exploring Our Skies” book was also very interesting, and made me wish I could have a telescope.

Also, many thanks for the 15% off coupons. I am very pleased with the “Camp and Cabin Cookin'” cookbook I ordered.

—Shippensburg, PA

We really appreciate Nature Friend. We like the effort you go to, to hide things in the magazine and keep it fun. We like the information, the stories, the beautiful photos. We keep each magazine on the shelf like it is golden.

—North Chili, NY

We learned about Nature Friend from a friend when they shared some magazines with us. We are beyond excited! We just placed our subscription. Thank you.

—Bartlett, Kansas

After a chat by phone concerning Nature Friend, what we are about, and features within the magazine, a delighted great-grandma said this sounds exactly like what she wants for her young great-grandchildren. She had been getting them a popular, secular magazine, and she just could not support their agenda. She did not want to only take away a magazine–she wanted to replace it with a magazine they could learn about God’s creation from a biblical perspective.

“I took a long way around to find you. I called a Christian radio/TV station bookstore, and asked them where I could get such a magazine. They sent me to Ken Ham…you know…the ark encounter. They sent me to you.”


—Ettrick, WI

I really like Nature Friend! My family was subscribed to it way back in the ’90’s even. (I have a large family.) I love animals of all kinds, and my favorite part of Nature Friend is submitting captions for the photographs. Keep up the good work!


“We have thoroughly enjoyed getting your magazine for the better part of a year now. It has more than met my expectations. We keep several issues in our vehicle to keep the kids busy. The older ones enjoy reading while the younger ones like to see the pictures…. Thank you.”

—Williamsport, IN

“We and our grandchildren enjoy your magazine every month, especially the Study Guide portion.”

—Chilliwack, British Columbia

“My son was writing his friend a letter, and I thought you might like to read the part he wrote about Nature Friend. It reads, ‘I have been subscribed to Nature Friend for about four years, and I have enjoyed every single magazine from my first magazine to my latest one.’ I should add that the preceding sentences were also about Nature Friend: he was encouraging his friend to subscribe, since it only costs a few dollars per issue. (: It made me smile, and I thought it might make you smile too. Thanks for putting together such a great magazine! He gets the study guide too and really enjoys it.”

—Tavares, FL

Thanks for publishing a great magazine. I appreciate your Godly approach to nature. Have you ever considered publishing a book of all the Photo Critique and photography lessons? It would be a big help to learning photographers like me. Thanks again.

—Elmira, ON

We just opened our North American Owls book five minutes ago. We are so excited!

—Middleburg, VA

I just wanted to send a quick note of thank you for your wonderful magazine! It makes homeschooling easy. I have children that do not like to write, but have decided on their own that they want to submit articles for your reader’s issue. They are so inspired by seeing the work of other children and activities and lessons that they can do. Thank you for your commitment to maintaining the quality of what you publish. Over the years we have never been disappointed!


—Gillett, PA

“This is the most beautiful cookbook…I just love it! I collect cookbooks. You get an A+.”

—North Lima, OH

We gave the gift of Nature Friend to a boy at his birthday party. He was thrilled. It was the most wonderful gift of the party. Nature Friend is first class all the way.

—Thomasville, GA

I saw your magazine while waiting in the “waiting room” at the Highland Medical Center. Nice magazine, and the pictures are very well done.

—Monterey, VA

Yesterday, the school students and I really enjoyed the telescope I bought from you. We used a solar filter, and looked at the transit of Mercury as it passed in front of the sun. From the first grade students who stood on a chair through the oldest students, we all enjoyed it.

—Ephrata, PA

“Thank you so much for making such a great magazine!! I love to get it and read it all the way through each month! ” —Natchitoches, LA

“I appreciate your magazine very much. I use some of the articles for “Creation Meditations” in my Sunday School class.” —Luray, VA

“I used to not like drawing, but Nature Friend helped me learn to like it. God bless you.” —Dallas, OR

“I love those binoculars! (Viper HD 10×42). I enjoyed a stunning look at a Baltimore Oriole calling. Great clarity and color.” —Chambersburg, PA

“Just a quick note to thank you for your wonderful magazine! I’m so glad I stopped by your booth our our homeschool convention last year. I was a subscriber about ten years ago with my older children. I enjoy the full size format and the beautiful professional photographs! We learn a lot from your articles and use the information in our homeschooling lessons.I am renewing my subscription for two years and look forward to each issue.Thank you again for a professional quality Christian nature magazine! God bless!
—New York

“Hello, my name is Rebekah, and I’m almost 13. I am homeschooled, and in the seventh grade. I’m writing this letter to thank you for sending your nature magazines to my home. I’m very interested in nature photography and nature. Someday I would like to send in one of my snapshots. I’m very thankful for the time you’ve spent putting these magazine together, and I love the setup and activities. Your group makes many people smile, old and young. Thank you for your service.” —East Hampton, CT

“Thank you so much for your fascinating magazine. My wife and I and the children all love it and look forward to its arrival!” —Mantorville, MN

“I wanted to touch base and say that we got our first issue and are TOTALLY impressed with it. I see that a “Study Guide” was included in this issue as a tease and the tease worked! We would like to add the study guide to our order and get one with each issue. My daughter LOVES it. Thank you for putting out such a neat Creation-based magazine!” —Lebanon, OR

“I cannot believe you have been publishing all these years and I never found you. I am so glad I did. I am looking forward to your magazines. I am a pastor and a grandpa and I know I will really enjoy your magazine. I will spread the word.” —e-mail

“Our family enjoys each magazine as it comes. it means getting our hands on it first to have priority for reading it!! Enclosed is our payment for a two year renewal with Study Guides.—Croton, ON

“I really enjoy the North American Owls book. My favorite owls were the screech owls and saw-whets. I also like how you showed facts about the owls in section eight. I think one of the best was the elf owl.I spent a whole day reading the book. It was so interesting.
—Cibolo, TX

“Thank you for sharing the stargazing with us. While I would have enjoyed seeing the moon through your telescopes, I now realize the distraction a bright moon can be to stargazing. I am so grateful for the “no editing needed” magazine you produce….

“We DO love the Nature Friend Magazine. We have copies of NF from almost the very beginning from years ago. We even had my in-laws send (or bring) them to us while we were in Portugal. Our oldest child is now 31, and our youngest is 13!ALL of us from Dad on down read NF when it comes. We have had some interesting discussions at the supper table because of something one of us had read.Thanks again…God bless.
—Pratts, Virginia

“I’m 61, and I still enjoy Nature Friend. I really enjoyed the Snowy Owl articles this past winter.” —Mapleton Depot, PA

“We enjoyed Ranger Rick with our sons when they were young. I wish we’d known at the time that there was an alternative that rivals RR in beautiful pictures and interesting information but from a Christian perspective. I’m excited to find a Christian nature magazine I can share with my granddaughter when she is a little older.” —e-mail

“The children enjoy Nature Friend, just as I did as a child. You have kept it much the same, and added some things that make it even more enjoyable, new, educational, and interesting. Thank you so much.” —Mt. Crawford, VA

“I’m 21 in our family of 12 children. My youngest brother is 2, and all the others are inbetween! Our family greatly enjoys Nature Friend magazine every time it comes to our mailbox, and often by the time I get my hands on it, it doesn’t look as smooth and shiny and new anymore. But that’s okay. It’s very interesting, none-the-less. May God bless your efforts as you create wholesome, informative, and inspiring magazine!” —Manton, MI

“I just got my March issue and really enjoyed it. I love bird-watching, photography, astronomy, and other nature-related things. I really enjoyed the articles about Orion. It is one of my favorite things to look at with my telescope. I find the “In Our Skies” feature very helpful, and if it wasn’t for that, I may not have heard about Comet Panstarss. I will look for it.
—Liberty, IN

“I enjoy Nature Friend, especially the astronomy articles. I wish you would have astronomy articles every month. Keep up the good work.” —Scottsville, KY

“I am a teacher and my second grade boys thought this would be fun to draw. Your magazines are a large part of interest in our school. The pupils love when I bring still another one along—and especially the experiments! So thanks a lot for all the hard work you put into this Nature Friend magazine. Have a great day!” —Woodbury, PA

“Though our two youngest are now in their teens, we enjoy the articles and the photography. With an interest in photography and creation, we think it is a valuable investment to continue our subscription.” —Kyotanabe, Kyoto

“I ordered a subscription and some back issues recently for my two boys. The back issues are here already and we ALL love them, including my husband who usually has ‘no use’ for children’s magazines! They are beautiful, packed with information and inspiring ideas, and fun. There is no foolishness and no questionable elements. They are a very welcome addition to my family and my homeschool. Thank you so much!” —Fort Fraser, BC

“I love the opportunity Nature Friend gives to use my artist skills. I don’t know if I would ever have started drawing without your “You Can Draw” lesson. That’s the best part of the magazine!” —Scottville, MI

“My children are getting older so I asked them if they want to keep getting Nature Friend. “Yes, keep getting it,” they said. Its so nice to get a magazine in the mail that I do not need to look through first. When it comes, the children say, “I get it first.”
—Bartlett, KS

“The parents like it as much as the kids.” —California

“I live in Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia, and have been reading Nature Friend for a year or more. I enjoy it very much and look forward to every new issue. Thank you, and God bless you for upholding Creation as the true origin of nature.
—New South Wales, Australia

“I love your magazine, and I am an old lady.” —Virginia

“I just wanted to tell you thank you for sending out the binoculars I ordered so quickly.  I’ve only used them a little bit, but they are much better than the ones we bought before.  I am amazed at how clear they are.I’m looking forward to using the new binoculars a lot!  God bless.
—Yale, IA

“I am sending some photos that I would like to submit to Nature Friend.  I am thirteen years old and from a family of nine.  We all really enjoy Nature Friend, and I would like to thank you for publishing it.” —Richmond, IL

“I would like to continue the subscription of your magazine for our grandson, Austin.  He counts down the days till the next issue comes.  His sisters also enjoy this magazine.Thank you for such a Godly magazine that children can read and find truth and not error.May God continue to bless this work and bring glory to His name!
—Hanover, PA

“It is our family’s delight to receive Nature Friend magazine every month.” —Foster City, CA

“We just received our first issue of Nature Friend.  The children are so excited!  It covers so much of their interests in science, art, photography, nature, and animals.  Thanks for such a great magazine.
—New South Wales, Australia

“I was tickled pink to find your flyer.  Our children received Nature Friend magazine for years, when they were growing up, we all enjoyed it.  So now we can start the grandchildren on it. :-)” —Nappanee ,IN

“A few months back a friend at church came up to me and very excitedly showed me a recent issue of Nature Friend.  He wanted to know if I had ever seen it.  I told him we had been subscribing for about twenty-five years.  He then wanted to know why I had never told him about it.  He is in his eighties…” —Blanchester, OH

“Sarah said a week ago when we looked at the latest issue, “I hope they still make this magazine when I have children,” and she is only eight.
—Happy Grandma

“We are a homeschool family from Germany.  The “You Can Draw a…” is a very welcome subject for art lessons.  Thank you very much!” —Germany

“Each issue is like a fresh, effective ‘ad’ reminding us to not permit it to expire.” —West Liberty, KY

“I’m 61 years old and I love this magazine.  I share it with another adult.  We decided we’d like to have the Study Guide and keep our memories exercised.” —Livingston, CA

“I cannot believe the quality of this magazine!  The photos are wonderful.  And it is God-oriented!” —Hanover, MI

“I enjoy Nature Friend magazine a lot!  The section that I enjoy best is “The Photo Critique” in the Study Guide.  I tried the tip to use exposure compensation +1 or +2 on snow pictures, and it worked really well.  Thanks for that tip!” —Brussels, WI

“Just want to let you know how much we appreciate your magazine.  Our daughter got it as a gift from a precious friend in the U.S.  It helps her a lot with her English studies, and also she likes all the articles and pictures.  She has difficulties with drawing….  Because of Nature Friend, our daughter got motivated to try to draw the pictures.  She did a good job with the sunflower….Thank you so much for all your labor for the Lord. Nature Friend is a blessing.

“First of all, let me say that our whole family loves Nature Friend!  It seems there is something for everyone in it.  We just received a new issue today and several of the children are going to try and tackle the fox drawing.  I also really enjoyed the photographs of the snow, “raining” versus “snowing.”  Very interesting.  We have been receiving your magazine for just a few months, but I can tell you that it is going to be material that we want to continue to receive for many years.  On a side note, I really like the paper you have chosen to print this on.  It works very well, especially with the number of photographs that are printed with every issue.  It feels more like a book than a magazine, and I make a comment on that every month to my children. Thank you for considering the attached drawing by my 13 year old daughter.  God bless your work!
—Madrid, IA

“Thank you for taking the time to put Nature Friend together. Our whole family (8 of us) enjoys it and looks forward to each issue.  God bless in Jesus.” —Danville, PA


We absolutely are hooked on Nature Friend!  I cannot say enough good things about it.  It has been a wonderful magazine for our children.  We have children that are always facinated by God’s world.  We can hardly spend a morning in the garden without it becoming a science lesson.  Not much work gets done but, oh how they love to learn.  This magazine has such a biblical perspective for the children.  I would rather they read this magazine than any other.  In a time when our children face so many things that can distract them from the truth, I feel very comfortable with this around as reading material.


“We enjoy Nature Friend tremendously–thank you for all the hard work and prayer that goes into its production.  Everything–photos, articles, content–is of the highest quality and a witness of God’s creation and glory.  As Christians and ornithologist/forester ecologists (though I get to be mom at home now), we are very cautious and particular about science and nature information our children see.  Nature Friend exceeds our expectations.  Thank you!” —Attica, IN

“Thank you for a great magazine for children.  The grandchildren have to show me what new things they have learned.  Blessings.” —Elkon, VA

“Nature Friend magazine has been a blessing to us and many students here in the Philippines to learn of, in greater detail, about God’s creation the way we’d likely never learn from any other source.  Science and nature become more meaningful as we read through these magazines.  We bind them in yearly volumes and place them into the school’s libraries in several provinces on this Luzon Island.  The libraries rotate among the schools yearly.  We hear students say, “Oh, I read about that in the Nature Friend!”  Since it is written in easy to understand English the pupils have little difficulty comprehending it even though English is only their 2nd or 3rd language.  Perhaps the bright pictures help them too to understand as they muse over them.  I think these books are most loved in the school libraries here in the Philippine Islands.” —Philippines

“It’s such a worthy magazine.  The whole family enjoys it, and we share it with the grandparents.  We’re all blessed by it.” —Ft. Wayne, IN

“Just wanted to thank you for the Nature Friend magazines you send to us each month. They are so beautiful and it’s nice to place something in the waiting rooms for children to read.  Thank you for honoring our Creator and sharing His creation!” —Children’s Hospital, Greenville, SC

“When we receive our new issue each month, we always like to look at the drawings and see where they all come from, and if we recognize anyone that we know.  When I told the children I was going to submit a drawing of the white-tailed fawn, they exclaimed, “Mom, are you going to put your age?” I noticed you mention ‘for all age groups,’ so I figured that must include me.  I have always enjoyed Nature Friend, and the drawings always have intriged me.
—Wakarusa, IN

“One afternoon a few days ago, I was reviewing my daughter’s homeschooling schedule and I noticed her most recent issue of Nature Friend nearby.  I decided I would look through it, with the thought that using it for assigned nature study would be a good idea to flesh out her science studies.  As I already felt that she wasn’t getting as much benefit as she could, it seemed that “assigning” her some articles to read, crossword puzzles to do, etc., would help motivate her to spend more time learning from and enjoying the magazines.As I turned the pages, I found your introduction to the Study Guide, and my chin dropped to the floor!  What a coincidence–what a blessing!  Thank you for thinking of this for me, and I look forward to many more constructive and fruitful learning opportunities coming our way as we use your new Study Guides to get the most out of our Nature Friend magazines.” —Sahuarita, AZ

“I was just down to see my granddaughter, and we looked at the Nature Friend magazines together.  She just loves them.  I saw that her subscription expires in November.  I want to be sure that I will get a renewal notice–every other magazine sends renewals 42 months before your subscription expires.” —Angelica, NY

“I first saw your magazine at a church camp and subscribed for my granddaughter. Now I want to renew the subscription. I think Nature Friend is a neat magazine.” —Pottsville, PA

“I am 12. I really enjoy your magazine! Could you do an issue on dolphins?” —Chesterfield, VA

Nature Friend is the only children’s magazine we can fully trust! God bless you.” —Kingston, WA

“As far as our family is concerned, you not only meet but exceed your stated goals. We love NFM.” —Milwaukee, WI

“Our whole family absolutely loves the Nature Friend magazine.” —Sunbury, OH

“We love Nature Friend! The children always watch the mailbox for it to come. God bless your work!” —Mohnton, PA

“Our children love Nature Friend Magazine! It teaches nature facts in a lovely, uplifting manner that helps children learn about and enjoy the wonders of God’s creation.” —Mary Pride, homeschooling author and publisher.

Nature Friend Magazine is a tremendous asset to any grade school curriculum. This magazine produces brilliant pictures of nature. Look out National Geographic! There are stories, news, and experiments.” —Kathy Banks in Real Home School

“I think Nature Friend is a very good magazine for children interested in Nature. It presents a Christian view of God’s Creation.” —Hayward, WI

“I really appreciate your magazine in the way it gives glory to God. I also think it is very interesting.” —Spring Grove, MN

“We homeschool and your magazine is part of our science curriculum.” —Castle Rock, WA

“It’s such a blessing to have available to us such resources as Nature Friend which approach nature from a Biblical perspective.” —Mount Dandenong, Australia

“Thank you for your wonderful magazine! :-)” —Ephrata, PA

“Thank you for wholesome stories that honor the Lord.” —Anderson, IN

“I enjoy your magazine a lot. Keep up the good work and may God bless you.” —Tylertown, MS

“I really like your magazine. I have tried all the other magazines but yours is best for sure.” —Columbia Falls, MT

“All my children try to draw the picture in the ‘You Can Draw’ feature. The experiment section is good, too. May God bless you!” —Danville, KY

“I like getting Nature Friend in the mail. I like “Who Am I?” and “In the Beginning God Created”. It’s such a good magazine. I like to do the “Scavenger Hunt” and “Invisibles.” —Fennville, MI

“I appreciate the educational resource Nature Friend is, always fun and with a Christian world-view.” —Minneapolis, MN

“We homeschool and love your magazine.”” —Renton, WA

“We really enjoy your magazine. Keep up the good work!” —Colquitt, GA

“I am a mail carrier. This morning I delivered your magazine to a home. I really liked it and your emphasis on purity and not teaching children a lot of things we do not want them to learn. I want to subscribe for my granddaughter…can you please start the subscription with the magazine I saw this morning?” —Mail carrier, Riesel, TX

“Though I wasn’t sure how much my children were reading it, I found that they would bring up something interesting in a conversation, and learn that they found it in Nature Friend! The wide variety of articles, pictures, puzzles, and projects appeals to a large age span, making Nature Friend a perfect family magazine.” —Monroe, WI

Nature Friend is a tremendous magazine; there is lots of good stuff in there. I guess it is a children’s magazine but I love it myself and I am 75 years old. God bless.” —Lebanon, PA

Nature Friend is awesome. The pictures are so bright and colorful. The stories are interesting. You learn a lot, but the children can also help. The children’s contribution issues are the best. Thank you, Nature Friend.” —Okawville, IL

“I am getting this for both sets of grandkids, they just really love your magazine.” —Livingston, MT

“My family and I really like Nature Friend. There aren’t very many magazines that have science and creation together and that are for children. God bless!” —Laverne, OK

“I think Nature Friend is a wonderful way to learn about God’s creation. The pictures and stories are beautiful. The ‘You Can Draw’ encourages us to draw and share our work with others. Thank you for all your time to publish this awesome magazine.” —Wattsburg, PA

“This is a cool magazine! I especially liked the article about fulgurites.” —Madera, CA

“Ten or fifteen years ago I read Nature Friend at my grandmother’s. Now I am getting it for my younger sister.” —Inola, OK

“The children have really enjoyed Nature Friend. They are homeschooled and use the magazine for science, etc. It has been a blessing.” —Mullica Hill, NJ

“Thank you for Nature Friend! We grew tired of the secular and evolutionary viewpoint in so many children’s nature magazines. Nature Friend is refreshing!” —Muskego, WI

“I enjoy nature. I like learning about all the plants and animals described in the Nature Friend magazine.” —Athen, WI

“I like Nature Friend. My favorite part is the ‘You Can Draw’ section. I like to look at people’s drawings.” —Brooklyn, NY

“Thank you for your magazine. Our family really enjoys getting it and reading it. May God bless your work!” —Mendon, MA

“Your magazine is looked forward to at our house, packed full of informative facts in a fun way. I also like the way you let readers help with the magazine like Creation Close-ups and Reader’s Issues. Thank you!” —Manheim, PA

“We have to evaluate everything our children read because it is important to us what our children learn. We evaluated a sample of Nature Friend magazine and just love it! We want a two-year subscription please.” —Brooklyn, NY

“I am sitting in a doctor’s office looking at your magazine. I really like it and have already called my pastor’s wife and told her about it. We would like to get a subscription for our church.” —Fishersville, VA

“Thank you for this wonderful magazine!” —Bostic, NC

“I found your magazine in my stack of mail, but it didn’t look familiar. The address label indicated that this magazine should have gone to my neighbor’s house whose daughter “just happened” to be playing with my daughter today. I thought to myself, “Wow! I have ’till 4 o’clock to check out this magazine!” I put my 2-year-old down for a nap and gathered the rest of the kids around for reading. A cool magazine, indeed! I admire my friend’s taste in subscriptions. We both homeschool our five children–what a great tool for teaching them about God’s creation. I subscribed tonight! Thank you for producing a quality product. P.S. I might add that I’ve never received her mail before. Although we do have the same rural route carrier, we live at least 3 miles away. Her box number isn’t even similar to mine! I think it was God-ordained! And, I’m glad for a Biblically sound publication that reinforces our worldview to our children. Have a great day!” —Hallstead, PA

“Our whole family loves your magazine. We use it to supplement our home education curriculum. I, as a 37-year-old mother, have learned so much myself! Thanks for a high-quality, total-content publication.” —Excelsior, MN

“Very nice educational tool. I am renewing this for our daughter and two granddaughters. They will be coming home from Africa as relief workers.” —Fulton, NY

“I REALLY enjoy your magazine! And I am always excited when I see your magazine on the counter! I don’t draw much but the drawing section in your magazine helped me get up the courage to do it. I actually enjoyed doing it!” —Vaughn, MT

“My family and I love Nature Friend Magazine. It is an important supplement to our home education program. You do a marvelous job and I very much appreciate your hard work.” —Blanchester, OH

“I really like this magazine and I try to put good literature in the hands of my grandchildren. You are doing a great job.” —Maryville, TN

“We so enjoy your magazine because of its Biblical perspective. Our 3 boys have enjoyed every page every month! We have had to assign ‘turns’ to allow first and fair viewing each time it arrives. Thank you.” —Crestwood, KY

“We have enjoyed 2 years of Nature Friend. We all love the photographs, the drawing lessons and the readers’ letters. Emma was so excited to have her butterfly drawing published–news of it came on her 11th Birthday! A very wonderful surprise.” —Reed’s Spring, MO

“I like ‘Creation Close-ups’ and ‘You Can Draw’ the best. Our whole family (even parents) really enjoy Nature Friend! Thank you!!” —Onalaska, WI

Nature Friend is a really good magazine. I like how it shows that science and Christianity go together and don’t oppose each other.” —Katy, TX

“I’m giving Nature Friend to our grandchildren for their birthdays. I’m hoping it will develop an interest in nature in a Christian way – created by the Creator. So I thank you for a magazine that is from a Biblical perspective.” —Baltic, OH

“We got our Nature Friend magazine yesterday. I just wanted to thank you for that beautiful picture of an almond tree in bloom. It is so beautiful that it put tears in my eyes. Thank you! God bless you!” —A Little Friend, e-mail

“We have enjoyed, or should I say more aptly, devoured your magazine over the last two years. Thank you for the interesting and informative articles that glorify our Lord and Maker. My daughter, Andrea, eagerly looks forward to each issue. We lived in Sydney, Australia when we first started to subscribe and now we live in Windsor, England, UK. The publication has encouraged us in looking at our Lord’s handiwork with keener eyes. Keep up the good work!” —Windsor, England

“Even as a parent and grandmother, I find this magazine interesting.” —Oakdale, CT

“We really enjoy your magazine. We have 12 children, ages 3-20, and it’s a scramble to see who gets it first (parents too!). Thanks, and God bless your efforts!” —Tillsonburg, ON

“Thank you for your excellent publication, Nature Friend. A friend and homeschooling mother gave me a copy before I ever met my wife and I recall thinking idly at the time that if I ever married, if we were ever blessed with children, and if we were able to homeschool them, I’d really want a subscription, that it was the kind of material I would want my children to read. Thankfully, all of those things have come to pass, and our family has that subscription! After all these years, thank you for your work and its impact on my family.” —Yorba Linda, CA

“Your Cheer the Children progam is a wonderful idea. It is the perfect answer for our desire to give to others as we have been so blessed! Our family has spent many days and hours in waiting rooms and hospital play rooms in the past 15 months as our youngest daughter has undergone chemotherapy for a cancerous tumor. This plan gives the opportunity to share with other families who may be hurting…!” —Rome, PA

“I just got my mail and saw your flyer. I went straight to the phone booth and called you, and would like to order a two year subscription…” —Millersburg, OH

“Dear Nature Friend, On behalf of the UW Children’s Hospital patients, families, staff and myself, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for donating the Nature Friend magazines for our kids to read. How kind of you to think of us. As you know, a child’s hospitalization can be a difficult experience for both the patient and their family. These magazines are being enjoyed by many children and their families. Thanks again for thinking of UW Children’s Hospital. It is very much appreciated by all of us here!” — University of Wisconsin Children’s Hospital

“Dear Nature Friend, Thank you for the donation of magazines. Reading materials are always a resource we need and appreciate.” — Columbus Children’s Hospital, Columbus, OH

“I just saw your magazine in the Henrico Doctors’ Hospital and want to order it for my grandchildren. I’m so glad to find a nature magazine that is not full of evolution.” —Richmond, VA

“I really enjoy getting your magazine! I especially enjoy the “You Can Draw” section! My brother likes the “Invisibles” page! I learn a lot and enjoy reading Nature Friend. I find it very interesting.” —Nicholasville, KY

“Thank you so very much for your support of the Pediatric unit. The children enjoy the magazines that you have been providing. Again, we do thank you and appreciate the donation.” —Children’s Ward, Munroe Regional Medical Center

“Thank you for Nature Friend. It is enjoyed by our whole family. As a mother, I am especially thankful that I don’t have to ‘preview’ the magazine and ‘tear out’ before I let the children read it.!!!! Thank you!!!!” —Bartlett, KS

“We got our neighbors’ Nature Friend magazine by mistake. Before we gave it to them, we read all of it. Now we are ordering a subscription for our family…” —Winfield, PA

“Our oldest child is almost 24 but we have been subscribers since the beginning (25 years) and we really like it. The magazine has come a long way since the first issue…” —New Holland, PA

“We love Nature Friend! The children especially love the hidden pictures and the art pages and the great pictures. It fits in great with homeschooling! May God bless you!” —Napavine, WA

“Our whole family is THRILLED with the wonderful publication. What a blessing. Thank you!” —New Bavaria, OH

“On behalf of the Department of Volunteer Services, I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the donation of the Nature Friend magazines…Every day we are challenged by the needs of children and we are especially grateful for individuals who help us meet these needs.” —Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital

“Your magazine is special to get, and when it arrives my 7 siblings and I crowd around and try to read the different pages at once!” —Lancaster, PA

“We would like you to know how much our family looks forward to every new issue of your fine publication! My husband especially! He reads it from cover to cover & shares it with friends who visit us. It is so well done & appeals to all ages. Keep up your wonderful work! God bless.” —Ooltewah, TN

“I like Nature Friend because your articles are interesting and give information on animals while still being like a story. I also like Nature Friend because it has nothing about evolution it it. Also many articles are about animals we see in our own backyard. Thanks for all the time you put into this magazine.” —Henryville, PA

“I was praying for just the right gift (for my granddaughters) and when I saw your card and looked at your website, I knew this was it!” —Vulcan, MI

“On behalf of the children of Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC), we would like to thank you for your gift of a subscription to the children’s magazine Nature Friend. Our families love to have quality reading material available to them as they spend time in our waiting areas and lobby. We also keep a supply of gently-used books throughout the hospital and clinic for this purpose. Most of these books and magazines make their way home with the kids, which is one of our main goals, to encourage a love of books and reading…” —Children’s Hospital of Orange County

“My son just received his first copy of Nature Friend, and he loves it! The photographs are beautiful, and you do an excellent job of writing the articles from a Biblical perspective. We’re already looking forward to next month’s edition. We are excited to get your publication in our mailbox.” —e-mail

“We just wanted to let you know that we LOVE this magazine. We received our first issue this last Friday, and our kids and we love it. Thank you!” —Placerville, CA

“Our son was recently in a hospital for minor surgery. While waiting for the procedure to be done, we read your magazine. We are nature and animal lovers and loved it.” —Drums, PA

“I wonder if our magazine from Aunt Donna came today!’ Sure enough, it had. She was so excited! She carried it around with her all afternoon, until bedtime, pouring through it over and over! She worked on the activities, enjoyed the pictures, and asked questions about them. We read one of the stories, and I learned more about octopuses than I’ve ever known before! It was very interesting for both of us! This morning, shortly after waking up, she and Greg laid down next to each other and looked at it more together. I had to send you a picture! Annalise is excited to know that she will get a new magazine each month for a whole year! Wow! What a perfect gift for them! Thank you again, so much…!” —e-mail

“It was heart-wrenching to tell our girls we could no longer get a popular, secular, nature magazine. We asked our children to pray that God would help them accept this. How excited we were to discover Nature Friend two weeks later!” —King George, VA

“Thanks so much! We love your magazine and look forward to its coming every month. It is so wonderful to have a magazine to look at that is holy and pure. There aren’t that many magazine I could say that about. I really appreciate what you do.” —Waco, TX

“On behalf of the patients and staff of Children’s Hospital of Pittsburg, thank you for your thoughtful donation of Nature Friend Magazine. We appreciate that you have included Children’s in your giving…” —Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh

“The robber fly in the picture (we have a lot of opportunity for readership participation. NF) had just captured the small fly it is holding. The robber fly would wait on a wire for a fly to pass close to it, and then it would fly out and try to intercept it in mid air. After several attempts, it caught the fly it has in this picture. The amazing speed and agility that God gave the robber fly is fascinating to see. We always enjoy reading Nature Friend and are excited whenever an issue comes in the mail. Thank you very much for publishing a nature magazine from a Christian viewpoint.” —Altadena, CA

“I really enjoy your magazine. The articles, puzzles, etc., are all great. The reader’s issue is also great fun! Keep it up!” —Blomkest, MN

“We are looking forward to our first issue of Nature Friend. My son’s grandmother asked if he would like his subscription to Ranger Rick renewed. Instead he asked for a much better alternative, Nature Friend. His grandma feels fulfilled buying a gift that is educational, and we feel blessed to have a magazine with a Creation perspective. Thank you for your publication.” —El Cajon, CA

“Hi! I just wanted to write a little note to tell you how much I enjoy getting Nature Friend. My Grandmother has gotten it for us since before I was born–all the way back to 1987…” —Inola, OK

“We will be moving back to the USA from Ukraine and will need to have our subscription address changed. We love your magazine and are very thankful that you talk about God and mention creation as the beginning of the world…. Reading your magazine is such a relief from the other, evolution-based magazines…. We also greatly enjoy the You Can Draw lessons and the crisp, clear photos and illustrations. You magazine has helped me look at art in a new way…we don’t want to miss a single issue.” —Ceritos, CA

“The Lord truly works in wonderful ways. Earlier this year my son wanted a subscription to a publication called…for this birthday. My husband and I agreed and sent off the payment. We went to a Homeschool Expo in our area and I received information about Nature Friend. I noticed the flyer said “No Evolution!” This made me take a closer look at what we ordered. I started reading statements like “100 billion years ago…” or “10 million years ago…”. This started to bother me. I have a friend that gives Nature Friend to her children and really loves the magazine. A few weeks passed and I received a return envelope from…having and unknown address. I was thankful the Lord had the money sent back to us so I could immediately send it in for our new subscription to Nature Friend!! Thank you so much!” —Syracuse, IN

“Our whole family enjoys Nature Friend, but it amazes me how the four year old enjoys the ‘Invisibles’. She has for a couple of years already! The fifteen year old would like more tips on how to take nature photos.” —Greencastle, PA

“Our granddaughter in China was so pleased her drawing was used in Nature Friend. The whole family enjoys the magazine. The children say they don’t need much for their birthdays, just be sure to renew Nature Friend.” —Lancaster, PA

“We have just been loving Nature Friend here at our house! My daughter reads it first, her brothers claim it next, and I read it through in the evening 🙂 Thank you for putting together such a great, God glorifying resource for our pleasure as well as our education!” —Brampton, ON

“I was attending a Bible Conference in NH. In the laundry room I found a copy of the WORLD magazine with a full-page ad for you (Nature Friend). You are just the kind of publication I’d been wishing for, because our whole family loves nature, and I don’t want the evolutionary slant that most other nature magazines have.” —Southington, CT

“Thank you for putting in Nature Friend, the beautiful memory card game! I’m looking forward to playing it with my siblings! We enjoy your magazine.” —Dixon, KY

“I’m impressed with the great job you do of making Nature Friend interesting to all ages. Last summer both a 14-year-old and a 6-year-old were very concerned about continuing to receive it after the first year expired. All of our grandchildren enjoy it. As a 9-year-old told me last evening, ‘I love Nature Friend!’ God bless you!” —Harrisburg, OR

“We ordered Nature Friend as a Christmas gift for our 10-year-old, but everyone-from Mom and Dad, and the children from age 5-22 have all enjoyed this gift! Thank you for a job well done! It is a challenge to keep worthwhile materials available for children who love to read!Thanks again!” —Waterford, PA