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When will my magazine arrive?

If you are subscribed to the print version of Nature Friend, you may wonder when the first magazine will arrive. That is a fair question, and we are glad you are eager to receive it. The normal schedule is for the mailing list to close out the 15th of the month prior to the issue month. However, weekends and holidays can affect the actual date. It is rare that we close out the mailing list prior to the 15th, but have on occasion due to unusual circumstances.

Most people receive the magazine the first part of the issue month. However, this too will vary due to distance, complications from reduced staff during the pandemic, and such. Also, it is normal for the Christmas issue mailing to be slowed due to the heavy volume of mail USPS handles before Christmas.

If you are in a hurry for the first issue and realize your first one may arrive later than you wish, you are invited to call us at (540) 867-0764 and order an issue for immediate shipment. This would be in addition to the quantity arriving with your subscription. There is a charge to cover this magazine and its first class shipment.

God bless your day.

Kevin & Bethany Shank, Editors