The Banana-loving Baboons—& don’t forget the peppers!

by Estella See | May 1, 2022 | 0 comments

Baby baboon eating banana
Baby baboon eating banana. Photo © Estella See, 14.

On a hot, sunny day in Uganda, Africa, we set out to visit the baboons. Many baboons live in the big forests near Tororo, and it was always an exciting adventure to go visit them.

As the road entered the forest, we slowed our van and intently searched the dense bush by the roadside for a sign of baboons. Pretty soon we spotted a group ambling around in the broad ditch, waiting for a handout from a passing vehicle.

We stopped beside them, grabbed our bananas, and piled out. We broke the bananas in pieces to make them go farther, and began tossing them to the baboons. A few would even take them from our hands.

More baboons came from the bush, but there seemed to be a problem. One or two big male baboons ran around, quickly grabbing every banana. A bold young baboon ran and hastily snatched a piece, but a big daddy chased him to the bush. We heard squalls and cries, and it sounded like greedy daddy was spanking him.

Big daddy baboon came back, but we hadn’t come to give him all the bananas. So one of us took a kamuleli, which is a small red hot pepper, and hid it in a banana. When selfish Mr. Baboon grabbed that one and ate it, his mouth started burning, and then he didn’t want any more bananas!

Then the half-grown baboons and the mamas had a chance to eat bananas. Baby baboons either rode piggyback or hung tightly underneath as their mamas galloped around eating bananas.

All too soon our bananas were gone, and we had to say goodbye to our baboon “friends.” Should you ever visit Uganda, be sure to stop by the banana-loving baboons for a visit. They are one of God’s amazing creations!

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