The Day a Fox Visited

by Joshua Lloyd | May 1, 2023 | 0 comments

Red Fox. Photo © Joshua Lloyd.

One summer morning Michaela went outside to feed our mini lop bunnies. She had the feeling that something was watching her, and she whirled around to see two squinting eyes staring at her. She frantically ran inside. “Mom, there’s a fox outside!” she exclaimed between breaths.

I sprinted downstairs and, sure enough, just three yards/meters away stood the red fox. I quickly ran for Sarah’s camera and ran outside, taking photos every so often. The fox slowly approached the pond. Just then Jonathan came running down the steps with some boards, and I shouted, “Jonathan, there’s a fox in our backyard!”

“Really! Where?”

“Over there next to the pond.”

He quickly set down his boards and ran to Papa. “Papa, there’s a fox in our yard!” he shouted.

“Don’t get too close, it might have rabies,” Papa warned.

“I think it went under the neighbor’s porch over there!” Ernest shouted.

Jonathan and I both got bamboo sticks for protection and went on either side of the neighbor’s porch to see if we could get some photos of the fox. We waited while Mom called the police. A few minutes later a police car pulled up. After admiring the fox, he decided to call the game warden.

After several minutes, a game warden truck rolled into view. The green-clad game warden hopped down from his green pickup truck. After checking out the situation and looking at our photos, he said to wait a few days until the fox leaves.

Just then the fox came out from under the porch. “I am going to get my .22 rifle,” he said.

The fox ran. The warden fired twice, but the fox bolted away and disappeared behind a clump of bushes.
Although we never figured out what happened to this sly fox, the memory still remains.

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