The Heron’s Lunch

by Weston Fragoso, 11, Greenville, SC | Apr 15, 2021 | 0 comments

“No way! Nooo waaay!” Mom suddenly exclaimed. As I followed her gaze, I was completely astounded. We were speechless at the epic sight before us.

Great Blue Heron. Photo © Susan McArthur Letellier/

On this day, we were walking to a park that was hidden among the trees. While we were walking, we saw a heron. The heron was blue and gray with a long yellow beak. Seeing a heron so close would have been enough of an adventure for one day, but this heron had a chipmunk dangling from its mouth. The heron was shaking the little animal around and giving him a good thrashing! The chestnut brown and gray-striped chipmunk was in the very tip of the heron’s beak until the heron flipped the chipmunk around into its mouth and started swallowing the chipmunk whole! All we could see of the chipmunk at this point was its tail hanging out of the heron’s mouth. It was a dismal sight.

Then slowly, acting as if it were choking on its dinner, the heron swallowed the chipmunk bit by bit. The chipmunk-lump went down the heron’s long spindly neck as the heron proudly swallowed its prize. The heron then stalked silently away, looking as if it had just won a battle.

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