The Sparrows’ Mobile Home!

by Sahara Biehl, 11 | Dec 9, 2021 | 0 comments

“Did you know,” Grandpa asked, “that in my truck there is a nest of birds?”

“What!?” I replied. “I hope they are okay.”

“Oh, yes, yes. They are just fine. The papa and mama birds have put them in there for two years in a row!”

“How do you and Grandma get around?” I wondered.

“Well, just like normal,” he said.

“So, you mean that you still drive it?” I asked, amazed.

“Oh, yes! That is how we figured out they were in there. We were visiting a friend but getting ready to leave. So I started up my old truck. Then I heard some chirps coming from the metal step.

“Oh! So you all drove home all right?”

“Yes, yes. I checked to see what the noise was at first. And just as I thought, there was the nest.” He said, “There is no other way to get to and from home. Now, I tell people that the truck is the sparrows’ mobile home!”

“Oh, that’s very nice.” I laughed.

“You know,” he said thoughtfully, “that would make a good story for Nature Friend.”

“Maybe,” I said, “I’ll try.”

“What do you get if you win?” he asked.

“Oh, I don’t know, really. They send out different prizes every month. But that doesn’t really matter to me, you know,” I said softly. “I just enjoy writing stories.” I chuckled.

And that is how I learned about this little true story. These birds lived in my grandpa’s old truck, and brought their little ones too. I’m so glad that God has given us such wonderful creatures in this world, and the ability to be nature’s friend.

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