You Can Draw a Painted Bunting

by Judy Kauffman | Jun 1, 2024 | 0 comments

God surely loves color, and He created us with that love as well! He designed a world with color and beauty. His basic colors seem to be blue, green, black, and brown, all restful to the eyes. Then He tucked in splashes of reds and yellows, and a whole color range including more hues than we could ever count!

Was the Painted Bunting an extra outburst of pleasure at the time of Creation? Yet I’m sure ALL of Creation came into being with great JOY at the hands of an all-knowing and all-wise Creator, God!

You will need:

  • Soft-lead pencil colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Black, Dark green, Spring green, Dark brown, Indigo blue, Violet blue, Sky blue
  • Regular paper
  • Card stock
  • Pencil
  • Black fine-tip marker
  • Foam sheet
  • #20 fat brush
  • #0 round brush
  • Acrylic paints: Dark green, Lime green, white

Painted Bunting sketch
Artwork © Judy Kauffman.
  1. On regular paper, lightly draw 1” grid lines, and sketch your bird scene block by block as the guide picture shows. When you like what you see, trace over your drawing with a fine-tip black marker. Place that under your card stock and trace lightly with your pencil. For the locust leaves, use dark green to trace.
  2. Place on hard surface to trace outlines of the bird. Trace using the appropriate color. For the eye, use a black pen, leaving a highlight. Encircle eye with red. The beak is done with black, leaving some highlight areas. For the head, place foam sheet underneath and lightly sweep layers of indigo blue, then violet blue, and a bit of sky blue highlighting. Use some black to get areas a bit darker where shown. The final result should be a vivid blue head.
  3. With a foam sheet underneath, do the belly in orange, with some dark red as shown. Burnish again with orange for vividness. To burnish, an overhand grip is used to firmly go over the orange area using the side of the orange lead.
  4. The bird’s back is yellow, with dark green edging done over the yellow as shown. The wings?? Simply try to match what you see! It would hardly be possible to lay this out step by step…except for this: separate the wing divisions with black. Paint white accents as shown.
  5. The legs and feet use only black. The branch is done with underhand sweepings of black and dark brown.
  6. Do leaves with dark green and black, and burnished with spring green. (I included dark green and lime green paint for my finishing touch.)
  7. Brush in a hazy blue sky chalking with your #20 brush. (Always remember! Do first chalk swipes on scrap paper to avoid streaks.)
Painted Bunting artwork
Painted Bunting. Artwork © Judy Kauffman.

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