Flower Bed Contest

Flower garden and arbor
Flower garden contest grand prize winner 2020. Photo © Delphine R. Shirk.

Dear Nature Friend,
I just got the idea that you should have a flower garden contest this spring and summer.

I know you’ve done flower planter contests, but I didn’t think you’ve ever done flower garden ones. I’m sure lots of us flower lovers would do it.


Estella See, Gleason, WI

Dear Estella,
Actually, we ran a flower bed contest parallel to the flower planter contest. That was in 2020.

We can do this again. Here are the rules:

  • Household must be an active subscriber. Families may work at the project together.
  • Design and plant a flowerbed. You can build it around Grandma’s favorite flower, as part of a water feature, or outside Mother’s window—wherever/however you like.
  • Submit photos AND a Learning By Doing lesson, teaching us how you did what you did, and why you chose what you chose. Did you consider color harmonies or plant height when you made decisions? Did you choose a formal or informal design? Why?
  • Deadline: October 31, 2023.
  • Send submissions to: Flower Bed Contest, Nature Friend, 4253 Woodcock Ln, Dayton, VA 22821 or flowercontest at naturefriendmagazine dot com.

Watch an upcoming issue for an announcement about a craft project you can tackle.

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Apr 01 2023 - Oct 31 2023