The Month of March…

— through my lens. (Submit large .jpeg files.)
— through my brushes. (Submit originals or large .jpeg.)
— through my pens.

We are choosing the month of March as the basis for a contest. We have readership throughout the world, so some of you experience March as warm with flowers, others as cold with blizzard blasts.

Here is your invitation to share with us about March from your corner of the world. Also, you are invited to choose your favorite angle(s) and share art, photos, and/or writings.

Writers, creatively compose a story, poem, or puzzle.

Artists, let’s see you capture March. Capture March? March is too windy to capture! Okay, okay, you get the point. Be creative. The bird on a budding branch, his feathers ruffled, with snow flying, might say “March.”

Photographers, show us March through your lens. This magazine has an assortment of “March” topics to chase, if you need ideas. Use your pen too. Please identify the subject of your photo(s), where it was taken, and anything about the subject that will add interest for our readers. Your photo(s) must be captioned with this basic information at the minimum, but we also encourage you to consider a longer writing. Photo essays are always welcome.

This contest is a joint effort for both active Nature Friend magazine subscribers and Lenspiration photography members. You may submit your photos to one or the other, or both, following the rules of each.

Both Lenspiration (to members) and Nature Friend (to subscribers) will give awards—each to their own. Winners who are both get both awards.

Lenspiration is an intentionally family-friendly program for people to learn photography. Their members will receive instruction on how to photograph this contest as well as constructive critique of photos submitted. Lenspiration’s rules and awards can be viewed at

Nature Friend rules and awards

Who may submit: The household of active subscribers to Nature Friend, any age.

Deadline: Send your submission by the end of March or within two weeks of receiving your print magazine, whichever is later.

Label all submissions with your subscriber number (renewal code). Include your name, address, and phone number. Also put your name on USB drives and in photo file names. A self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) plus $2 required if return is requested.

Send to:
MarchContest at naturefriendmagazine dot com

Mail to:
March Contest, Nature Friend
4253 Woodcock Lane
Dayton, VA 22821

Awards: Certificates from Dogwood Ridge Outdoors
(Product substitutions might be offered depending on inventory.)

Grand Prize: $400 certificate, or choose a 6″ Classic Dobsonian telescope. (One winner)
First Place: $125 certificate, or choose a Vortex Crossfire 8×42 binocular. (One to each category)
Second Place: $100 certificate, or choose a Nikon Prostaff 3s 10×42 binocular. (One to each category)
Third Place: $75 certificate, or choose a Bresser Condor 8×42 binocular. (One to each category)

The Schedule

  • Choose winners in April.
  • Announce winners in the July issue. (We will be compiling the June Readers’ Issue when decisions are made in April. We do not expect to have room for the awards announcement in that issue.)
  • Publish winners in March 2024. (Depending on the quantity, some may published in February and/or April.)


Mar 01 - 31 2023


All Day