Exploring Nature, April 2022

by Kevin Shank | Apr 5, 2022 | 0 comments

  • In April and May, wildebeest herds move northwest to central Serengeti. They follow the new grass growth.
  • April and May are times to hunt morel mushrooms in the mid-South and Midwest.
  • Check vernal pools for fairy shrimp. They will soon be over for the year.
  • Hang your hummingbird feeder two weeks prior to your estimated time of their arrival.
  • Late March to early June, watch the grunion spawn in southern California. They lay eggs on sandy beaches at night at full and new moon, after high tide. Herons and other birds come to eat the fish on the beach at night.
  • At night, look for spring peepers, American toads, and other frogs. Watch their throats swell in song.
Spring peeper singing
Spring Peeper. Photo © Kevin Shank.

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