Fallen Jewel

by Marcia Schrock | Jun 1, 2024 | 0 comments

“Look, Mom!” I exclaimed as we pulled into our driveway. “The front door’s wide open!”

“Oh, no,” she said, glancing up. “We probably didn’t shut it right before we left.”

Everything seemed fine inside, and we began hauling in the groceries.

Suddenly out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a small dark SOMETHING clinging to the pantry door. Curious, I took a closer look and discovered the intruder was a hummingbird!

Oh, what are we in for now? I wondered. We hadn’t had a hummingbird in the house before, but I had heard they can be a challenge to get out.

I was thankful my worries were in vain. We opened the door wide, and soon our little visitor was back outside again. But, uh-oh, what was wrong with it? As it flew, it bumped its head again and again on the porch ceiling. Hoping it would be okay, I shut the door and turned back to the work at hand.

A while later I heard my sister calling, “Come quick and see what I found!”

I followed her to the door, wondering what it could be. There, lying in a rumpled heap, was a…hummingbird!

“Oh, no, the poor thing,” I lamented as I stooped to gently scoop up the little bundle. “Perhaps it’s the same one that was in the house.”

Softly I cradled the petite downy ball of life. The zipping, zooming ways of hummingbirds, and their flashing iridescence had so often awed me. And now one of these flying jewels lay still in my hand! A thrill of wonder shot through me.

But what was wrong with it? Was it dying? What if I just left it out here and a cat got it? What if…? But I couldn’t just hold it indefinitely.

I looked down at the hummer. It was so light—almost like nothing! And right now it looked small and feeble. Perhaps that was it! Maybe it was too weak to fly. It needed energy. But how?

The sugar water! The thought struck me suddenly. Of course!

Gently I lifted the little one up to a bright plastic flower on my hummingbird feeder and slid the long slender beak into the hole. I watched, breathless. Then the sleek throat bobbed in and out. The hummingbird had swallowed! It swallowed again and again. It was actually drinking! After a little, I eased the beak out again. I could see its very thin tongue sticking out! Now, I decided, I’ll set it in the hanging basket.

Carefully I deposited my patient in the hanging basket of impatiens. It sat, almost unmoving, amongst the thriving greenery. Slowly I returned to my work, hoping.

That evening the hanging basket was empty except for the vibrant impatiens. No fainting bird lay on the leaves. No, it was gone. Rejoicing and hoping that it had all turned out for good, I went on. I thank God for this special experience and the truth that He does care for every little bird that falls!

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