Frolicking With A Fawn

by Estella See | Jun 1, 2023 | 0 comments

White-tailed deer fawn in grass
White-tailed deer fawn. Photo © Estella See.

Summer zephyrs danced through the woods, telling me to come join their play. The tranquil morning sounds were abruptly broken by harsh cawing coming from the back of our woods.

Hmm, sounds like a crow gathering, I thought. I wonder if a bear is the unwilling center of attention.

Sure enough, some creature was back in there, but it didn’t look like a bear as I had hoped. A white flag, belonging to a graceful doe, bounded through the trees, and behind her gamboled a long-legged fawn. Mama deer, worried by my presence, soon disappeared deeper into the woods. However, the fawn didn’t seem very concerned for his safety (which he didn’t have to be!).

Maybe I can pet him, I hoped. I didn’t think it would matter if I got close enough to, as he seemed fairly confident on his own. I kept trying to creep closer, but he would always bounce farther away. Finally he permitted me to get about 10 feet (3 m) away from him, but he was too frisky to stop and pose for a picture.

Then he turned and ran again, playing a little game of tag with me. But he had no intentions of getting caught and being it. He frisked into some tall weeks, and I decided to give up the game and go home. But then he turned one last time as if to say, “That was fun! See you later!” He even held still long enough for a cute picture.

I was thrilled to have seen a fawn, and once again amazed by God’s beautiful nature!

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