From the Editor’s Quill, February 2024

by Kevin Shank | Feb 1, 2024 | 0 comments

Last year we did a joint contest with Lenspiration photography students titled “My March.” Categories included, “Through my lens,” “Through my brushes,” and “Through my pens.” We announced the contest winners in the July 2023 issue, but noted the winning entries will be published in the spring of 2024. Also, in addition to the seventeen winners, we promised still more will receive honorable mentions that will be determined at the time of publication. So, here we are in early 2024. This month we are publishing the Lenspiration photography student winners and some honorable mentions.

Next month we anticipate publishing the grand prize and first, second, and third place Nature Friend subscriber winners.

A big thank you to all who worked hard on these contest submissions.

It has been several years since we had any snow to amount to anything here where we live in Virginia. Tomorrow, though, they are predicting snow again, and some of us are hoping they get it right. Perhaps, if they hit the forecast, we might make donuts and watch it snow. That is something we especially enjoy doing when it snows at night and we can watch it come down in the yard lights.

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