From the Editor’s Quill, May 2024

by Kevin Shank | May 1, 2024 | 0 comments

As I write this, many of us are still anticipating the solar eclipse that is about to occur. For months our family has been planning a trip to Texas to see the eclipse. Now, with it just a few days away, we see a lot of rain and clouds in the forecast for much of the path of totality. So, our plans have taken a turn, and now we are heading to Maine. With full sunshine in the prediction there, I wonder how many folks will be doing like we are and redirecting to the far Northeast. Perhaps we will find a traffic jam straight ahead.

As you read this, the eclipse is history by a month. I suspect many of you have stories of your experience April 8. I can imagine we will like to run a summary of that day, at some point, and will be glad to consider your stories and photos. You may mail them to “The Eclipse,” Nature Friend, 4253 Woodcock Lane, Dayton, VA 22821, or e-mail to eclipseatnaturefriendmagazinedotcom.

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