Log Cabin Bird Feeder

by Jeffery Schrock | Mar 5, 2024 | 0 comments

Bird Feeder Contest First Place Winner

Here are the instructions and photos of the bird feeder that my brother Jeffery Schrock built for your contest. Jeffery is sixteen years old and has battled cancer since he was eleven. He built this log cabin feeder a week or two after his last round of treatment.

Editor’s note: We have since learned that on January 6 Jeffrey went to be with the Lord. This was his last project.

First, rip ¾” boards into strips (logs) 1¼” wide. You will need 14 logs 20” long and 20 logs 11” long.

Next cut a small groove along the bottom edge of each log to fill with mortar chinking later when everything is built and assembled.

To make the gable ends, stack 3, 11” logs and trim at a 45° angle.

Now we are ready to stack the logs for the walls, using exterior wood glue and a trim nailer. Stack 2 walls with 7 of the 20” logs each for the front and back walls, and 7 of the 11” for the end walls plus the 3 gable logs that you cut on an angle. Cut 4, 1” square corner logs. Using these, join walls.

From 3, 1” x 8” boards, make the floor 22” wide, and 23” long. This length accommodates the cabin and both 6” porches. Put ¾” strips all the way around your floor so the bird seed will stay on the porches where it belongs. This will also create a gap at the bottom of the cabin to allow the seed to flow out onto the porch floor.

Use your imagination to build and place the doors and windows. You will want to put Plexiglas or LEXANTM in the windows. This will also allow you to see how much feed is still in the feeder.

Fasten the walls to the floor. Next, build an insert that resembles a tent roof. Seed will hit these sloping panels and funnel to the front/back walls. To build the chimney, I used stones from a creek and Log Jam® chinking. You could use gray caulk for this.

Now build the porches and put the metal on the roof (preferably old metal). The ridge cap will need to be installed in a way that it can be removed easily to fill the feeder.

Finally, stain the cabin with a dark stain. Once you have the staining completed, fill the little gaps with gray mortar or chinking caulk. Allow some time to dry.

Install your feeder in a fun spot. Hopefully you will not only enjoy the building project, but also enjoy watching the birds use your feeder.

log cabin bird feeder
Photo © Jeffery Schrock.

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