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October 2021, From the Editor’s Quill: Bonus Readers’ Issue!

by | Oct 14, 2021 | 0 comments

The Bonus Readers’ Issue! Some of you have been eagerly awaiting this issue, wondering if your submission will be in it. Congratulations to those whose hard work you will find here. And thank you to all of you who worked hard to send us a delightful piece of writing, art, or photo. As always, some of your submissions may still appear in future issues, even if you did not find them in either Readers’ Issue.

A strange white bird appeared soaring over our property last week. After carefully observing it and snapping a few photos, the children pored over the field guide, hoping to identify it. But it was not to be found there. A request to a birding friend of ours for his help produced an interesting solution. Our little visitor was very possibly a leucistic Purple Martin!

Keep your eyes open for migrants. Migration season can produce some fun surprises.

As the glories of autumn (or spring, if you live south of the Equator) adorn nature this month, let’s not forget to worship the One Who created all this beauty.

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A monarch chrysalis is first emerald green. As it matures, it becomes transparent. Once the butterfly emerges, fluid is pumped from the abdomen into the wings. Over the next several hours the wings harden.