Camp & Cabin Cookin’ Cookbook, Book 2


Seasoned with a pinch of story

Following is information for the first book. It does not perfectly accurately reflect information about the second book, but is symbolic of the design you will see in the second book. Both books are same page count, and same size overall.

Kevin & Bethany Shank

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Four years ago we added Camp & Cabin Cookin’ as a bonus feature in the Study Guide edition of Nature Friend Magazine. We invited readers to submit recipes, and many did and still do.

This book is a compilation of most of those recipes, along with some new ones. We invited you to season your recipes with a pinch of story, and a few of you did. We have sprinkled a few more stories throughout this book for added interest.

We have even included several recipes to make treats for your feathered friends.

And now let’s have some fun. Do you grin when you learn there is a tub of freshly-churned homemade ice cream on the menu? We thought so. Perhaps you took a turn cranking the handle.

In this cookbook, we have hidden the ingredients to make a batch of strawberry ice cream—six eggs, a measuring spoon of vanilla, a strawberry, a bag of sugar, a milk cow, and a nostalgic cream can.

Pages are in full color, with most recipes shown in photographs.