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Quack, Coo, Cluck

by | Oct 16, 2021 | 0 comments

Blue-winged Teal
Blue-winged Teal ©Shaphan Shank

Can you do this quiz without checking in your bird guide? Try it!

  1. What duck often holds its tail stiffly upright?
    A. Wood Duck. #6.
    B. Ruddy Duck. #3.
    C. Common Goldeneye. #8.
  2. What duck calls most domestic ducks its descendants?
    A. Common Merganser. #14.
    B. Black Duck. #9.
    C. Mallard. #5.
  3. Correct! When Ruddy Ducks show off, they raise their tails! Waddle to #12.
  4. Which male duck has a dove-like cooing?
    A. King Eider. #16.
    B. Gadwall. #10.
    C. Northern Shoveler. #15.
  5. Right! All domestic ducks except the Muscovy originate from it. Swim to #4.
  6. Wrong! Wood Ducks’ tails are flat. Try #1 again.
  7. What duck’s bill is very broad at the end?
    A. Canvasback. #17.
    B. Blue-winged Teal. #20.
    C. Northern Shoveler. #19.
  8. Wrong! A Goldeneye’s tail is flat. Try #1 again.
  9. Too bad! Wrong again! Flip back to #2.
  10. Try again! A Gadwall’s call is low and reedy.
  11. What duck has a white facial crescent?
    A. Bufflehead. #24.
    B. Blue-winged Teal. #21.
    C. American Wigeon. #26.
  12. What duck has a long pointed tail?
    A. Wood Duck. #23.
    B. Ring-necked Duck. #13.
    C. Northern Pintail. #22.
  13. Try #12 again! Ring-necked Ducks have a broad tail.
  14. Sorry, wrong. Try #2 again.
  15. Too bad! A male shoveler does not coo, but clucks. Try again.
  16. Correct! A King Eider has a very peculiar sound. Run to #18.
  17. Wrong! Try #7 again.
  18. What duck does not nest on the ground?
    A. Black Duck. #28
    B. Hooded Merganser #27
    C. Wood Duck. #25
  19. Correct! The Northern Shoveler uses his bill to scoop up underwater morsels. You are finished! Great job!
  20. Wrong! A Blue-winged Teal’s bill is narrow at the end.
  21. Correct! This teal has a white stripe shaped like a crescent moon on its face. Now try #2.
  22. You are right! Pintails have a long thin tail! Go to #11.
  23. Too bad! Try #12 again.
  24. Sorry. A Bufflehead’s face is mostly black.
  25. Right! Wood Ducks nest in trees. Go to #7.
  26. Oh my! Wrong again! Plod back and try some more.
  27. Wrong! Mergansers nest on the ground. Try #18 again.
  28. Too bad! Black Ducks don’t nest in trees. Try #18 again.

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