“They offered unto him…gold…”

by Kevin Shank | Apr 12, 2021 | 0 comments

The gold that the wise men from the East brought to Baby Jesus—do you suppose it was in the form of coins…nuggets…or some other form? Whatever form it was in, God used these visitors to help provide for the earthly family into which His Son was born.

We do not know for sure where in the East the wise men came from. It is interesting to note, though, that today China is one of the leading producers of gold.

Though their trip may have been long, these men were willing to carry a heavy treasure, as gold is very heavy. A cubic foot of it weighs approximately one thousand pounds.

The treasure they brought was durable, because neither water, air, nor heat cause chemical changes in gold. It will not rust like iron, or tarnish like silver.

Gold is useful beyond monetary value. Did you know many afflicted with rheumatoid arthritis have found relief when chemically-liquified gold was injected into muscles in their bodies? Gold is added to some window glass to keep out infrared rays.

Gold can be pounded into sheets so thin that they are translucent. A 1” high (25 mm) stack of gold leaf can contain 200,000 very thin sheets. These gold leaf sheets are used to gild objects so we can enjoy the beauty of this metal.

Gold wire is used in the manufacture of electronics. Sixty miles (97 km) of gold wire can be drawn from one ounce of gold.

God created gold to be precious. It is the purest of gold that He has chosen to beautify the heavenly city streets. Let’s be there!

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